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How Do You Get Warts?

So, exactly how do you get warts on your fingers and feet?

Warts are caused by an infection of the human papilloma virus or HPV. A wart is really a non-cancerous growth caused by an infection by this virus.

There are many different strains of the HPV and some of these cause the different type of warts seen in people. This virus is contagious and it can enter into your body from bruises, scratches or cuts on your skin as well as in other ways. You can also spread the infection to yourself.

There are many ways to get warts. It all starts by getting the HPV onto your skin by the following methods:

  • Directly touching or accidentally rubbing against the wart found on a person

  • Direct contact with another person who carries the virus in their body

  • Touching an object that has the HPV on the surface. The virus got there because someone else infected with the virus touched it.

  •  Going to places where the HPV "hangs out"

  • Sexual activity with an infected partner

Directly touching the wart of another person could transfer the virus to your body. This is especially more likely in children and adolescents than in adults. For example, children who are playing contact sports can easy pass the virus by accidentally touching the warts of other individuals.

It is also important to know that an individual may carry the virus even if no growth is visible. This is because the virus does not always develop into any visible growth. Thus an individual may transfer the virus unknowingly. This person is called a carrier of the HPV.

You can get warts by touching objects that had been contaminated by another individual that carry the virus. This may happen when, for example, share towels or wear their shoes.

Some strains of this virus are cause genital warts. These strains can be passed on during sexual activity.

The HPV can exist in many places. Viruses have a very simple structure; just a strand of genetic material surround by a protein capsule. They can remain dormant but can be infectious for several months or even years when they are outside the body.

The human papilloma virus can be found in places that are warm and moist. It may exist on the floors of showers, bathrooms, swimming pools, locker rooms and exercise equipments. Avoid walking bare footed in these places!

As well, the one wart that you might have can easily spread to other nearby areas. Soon, you'll have a nice collection of warts.Children seem to have this problem since they tend to touch and scratch the wart in an attempt to get it off their skin.

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