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How to Remove a Skin Tag - All the Ways that Work

How to Remove a Skin Tag - But First What is a Skin Tag Anyways?

A skin tag is a harmless tumor that looks like a small piece of hanging skin. It is most likely narrow where it connects to the skin and then grows to a slightly larger ball of skin. The medical term for a skin tag is "acrochordons".

Skin tags range in size from very miniscule to roughly the size of an eraser on the tip of a pencil. Their color is usually the same as the skin.

Although they are tumors by definition they are not malignant (do not spread) and usually do not cause any other health problems.

These annoying extensions of the skin can be unsightly especially when there are many of them. They are often soft and may be painful if they get twisted or irritated. Middle aged people seem to get skin tags and they are more commonly found in women than in men. However these growths are quite common as some healthcare experts suggest that over 50% of a typical population have them on different parts of their body.

These skin tags seem to develop in areas where there is excessive heat, friction and moisture. These areas are where the skin rubs against the skin or when the skin rubs against clothing. They most commonly occur on the neck, on the eyelids, under the armpits and under the breast. But they can also develop in other locations as well.

Many individuals may have tried at home to remove their skin tags by scratching them or by trying to pull them off but this is not a good idea at all. This is not recommended as it will only irritate the skin tag further and may cause them to bleed or get infected. They also can be easily irritated by clothing or jewelry and this may cause discomfort or pain.

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How to Remove a Skin Tag - Natural and Surgical Methods

There are manys ways ranging from using natural remedies to remove the skin tag to home surgery for freezing or cutting off the skin tags.

Natural Remedies

Anecdotal evidence suggest that there are natural remedies and supplements that can help to remove skin tags. Using natural remedies to remove skin tag is a popular option because there is no pain involved.

See Removing Skin Tags Using Natural Remedies for a list of remedies you can try.

Extraction - "Cutting off Skin Tags"

The skin tags are cut off or removed by surgical scissors or a scalpel. Some people even try to remove skin tags by cutting them off with a kitchen knife or with a nail clipper!

See Cutting Off Skin Tags for exact details on how to do this. You must read this before you attempt this technique!


This involves tying a surgical thread around the base of the skin tag in order to cut off the blood supply. It dies and eventually falls off.

See Removing Skin Tags Using Natural Remedies to get information if this technique is right for you!


This method uses an electrified instrument to burn off the skin tags. This is a procedure done by a doctor at their office. This is one of the most common surgical method surgeons use. It can remove all kinds of tissue growth without any risk of bleeding.

Laser Surgery

A laser is used to kill the skin tag. It can be considered a "modern" version of the electro-cauterization technique.


Using a low temperature probe, the skin tags are touched and frozen. They die and eventually fall off. This can even be done at home with skin tag removal kits that you can buy at practically all pharmacies!

This may be a much better method than cutting off skin tags with a scissor, knife or nail clipper. With cryosurgery, there is practically no risk of infections. If done properly, most people do not experience any significant pain.

See the detailed articles found at Skin Tag Removal At Home to get more information on how to remove a skin tag without a visit to a doctor.

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Created: October 21, 2010

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