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Increase Sperm Motility and Quality with Natural Remedies

What are some natural remedies to increase sperm motility?

First off, you can find out how your sperms are doing by going to a fertility clinic to get an analysis.

This can be a very expensive undertaking and this test is rarely covered by extended medical plans.

Often, this is one part of the infertility treatment for couples looking for solutions in infertility difficulties.

There are many natural remedies and herbs that can be used to boost sperm count, quality and motility. This should be the first option to consider when you are planning to conceive a child.

Below is a list of the top natural remedies that you should be taking if you plan on improving the quality and quantity of your sperms to maximize your chance of conceiving.


There are clinical studies done in humans to show that taking this supplement increases the sperm count and increase sperm motility. Moreover, it also helps to boost the sex drive in men.

Experts suggest using 2,000 mg two times a day.

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Panax ginseng is a traditional herb used by the Asians for centuries to promote general health and well-being. It is shown to increase sexual performance and sperm production.

It is a worthwhile herb to take not only for improving sperm quantity, but also to boost your energy levels.

The typical dose suggested by experts is 200 mg taken once a day.

Get the full review on Ginseng. The article Ginseng for Libido focuses on the effects of ginseng for improving sexual performance.


This Peruvian vegetable has been shown in animal studies to boost sperm count and motility. Some small studies done in men with low sperm count showed that it can increase it.

Researchers believe it works by protecting the sperm cells against damage.

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Vitamin E

This vitamin is known to be a potent antioxidant. Sperm cells are very sensitive to environmental toxins and can easily be damaged. Experts believe that vitamin E can protect the sperm against damage caused by free-radicals.

Indeed studies done in animals and humans show that taking vitamin E seemed to boost fertility rate by up to 30%.

Experts suggest taking 400 IU once a day.

Get the FULL review on Vitamin E.

Vitamin D

In animal studies, low levels of vitamin D seem to impair sperm motility. In one study involving 300 men from the general population, it was shown that a deficiency in vitamin D also affected sperm motility.

Moreover, low levels of vitamin D was correlated to higher concentration of abnormally shaped sperm cells.

See the article Vitamin D for Fertility for this specific benefit.

See Vitamin D for the complete review of the health benefits.


Melatonin is a a natural supplement that is commonly used to treat insomnia and to help with jet lag.

Some studies done in humans have linked low melatonin levels with low sperm motility and poor quality.

Some experts suggest using 3 mg daily to improve sperm speed and quality.

See Melatonin for Fertility for the complete details.

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