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Is this natural remedy for sinus infection & head / ear congestion safe & effective? Is this natural remedy for sinus infection & head / ear congestion safe & effective?

Is this natural remedy for sinus infection & head / ear congestion safe & effective?

by Andy

Depending on activities and airborne allergens I get 2 to 4 sinus problems a year. I have one now that seems to have roots in me cutting my 50-types of desert weeds I have that grow 4 feet tall! I didn't wear a mask...which was stupid but now I have a sinus infection. Started with congestion day after and 5 days later have full head congestion and yellow thick mucus in sinuses, bad temple and forehead headache, slight fever of 100ish degrees F sometimes.

Is this regiment okay? Thank you in advance! I want to know for my kids too because some times they get ear, nose and throat things also and I'd like to avoid commercial antibiotics and OTC meds.

Sinus thing I started today:
I was going to do this every 4-5 hours, 4 times a day until cleared and then another 3-4 days longer, maybe twice or three times a day.

1. First I mix up a plain pure salt mix, about 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon per 6oz clean distilled or purified water a little warmer than room temp, about 80deg F, and set to the side.

2. Then I swish and gargle with 2.5ml Povidone-Iodine mixed with 8.5 to 10ml water or natural mouthwash for 60-120 seconds and spit.

3. Next I'm using a nebulizer (aka essential oil diffuser from Young Living) and I get close to the outlet hole, and breathe long deep slow breaths with a towel over the diffuser and my head for 5 minutes. I do this before and after the sinus irrigation procedures (next) to help better coat and open my sinuses. I fill the diffuser with 2-3oz clean water and add:
2 drops viral essential oil mix like Thieves or On-Guard,
2 drops essential oil mix like Breathe,
1oz pure full strength edible Aloe Vera juice,
6 drops Nascent Iodine,
4 drops white Iodine (has potassium Iodide too, NOT Potassium Chloride).
I then fill remainder of reservoir with water. It holds about 4oz total.

4. Then I sinus irrigate with these:
Mixed saltwater as above into 6oz squirt bottle, or cup, or neti-type pot,
Plus 6 drops Nascent Iodine, Plus 3 drops white Iodine/Potassium Iodide,
Plus 1/2 teaspoon 3% hydrogen peroxide.

5. I blow out and then I use the nebulizer / diffuser again for 5 minutes.

6. Then I paint my cheeks, forehead and temples with a cotton ball and Povidone.

7. Before or after I put a congestion rub like Vick's or any other menthol like rub on my chest, shoulders and neck.

Does this regiment sound okay to do for 10 days or until the infection is gone, no more than 12 days I'd hope? I don't want to overtake Iodine or irritate anything. So far it doesn't sting & I only notice a loss of taste & smell, but that could be the stuffiness as well I suppose.

Lastly if my kids (9 to 14, all healthy) or I had an ear infection also, could I use any of these in the ear?

Thank you!

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Nov 12, 2016
Managing Sinus Allergies & Infection Naturally
by: Tom

Hi Andy,

Often, sinus allergies leads to infection if it is not managed appropriately. The presence of a slight fever is a possible sign of an infection going on.

Note that if your kids have ear infection, the protocol you are using will not work as the infection is not in a location acessible by sinus irrigation. Antibiotics will be require in that case.

The 1/2 teaspoon of salk in distilled water is about 2.5 g of salt in 180 mL of water which is about 1.4% salt solution (body is about 0.9%). I recommend using a digital scale (that reads to 2 decimal places e.g. 0.01 g) to accurately measure out 1.6 g of non-iodinized salt in 180 mL of distilled water to maintain the 0.9% salt concentration.

Iodine, although is a useful antiseptic, is known to irritate the nasal tissue. However, the amount you are adding seems to be low (4 drops in 180 mL).

I have limited data on the effectiveness of using aloe vera to treat sinus infection. Using 1 oz (30 mL) in 180 mL of water might be too dilute for it to be effective. Aloe vera may help to reduce the chances of developing sinus infection however.

Irrigation the sinus passage with essential oil may be of concern as these oils are an irritant. Again, using 2 drops may appear to be dlute enough but perhaps it's too dilute to kill off bacteria?

Also, the frequency of irrigating your sinus passageways at four times daily may be of a concern to me. More is not better as your mucosal tissues with its mucus clearing system will be disrupted. You can wash your hands thirty times a day and it will be fine (and will be quite dry by then) but the tissue inside your nostril is more fragile.

Hydrogen peroxide. I don't sugget using it! Again, you have diluted it to such a level that it probably won't irritate the sinus tissue but then again, it probably so dilute that it won't kill bacteria either. Also, accidental inhalation of such chemicals at higher concentrations can damage the lungs.

Sinus irrigation (at twice daily max and not four times daily) will be very helpful in preventing sinus infections. Once a sinus infection sets in, sinus irrigation becomes much less able to treat it.

If you have an ear infection, which is probably not an outer ear infection, no amount of ear irrigation will treat it. It's time to see a doctor for antibiotics.

Despite my liking to use natural solutions, there are some conditions (like inner ear infections) that can prove to be very difficult to take care of using natural remedies.



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