Krill Oil for ADHD - Does It REALLY Work?

Does taking krill oil for ADHD help to reduce the symptoms?

There has been a lot of talk in the media about the health benefits of krill oil.

Indeed, krill oil is a rich source of the essential fatty acid omega-3 that you might hear about regularly.

Consumption of omega-3's have been linked to cardiovascular and mental health benefits.

Research studies have linked high intake of foods rich in omega-3's or supplemental omega-3 capsules with improved cognitive function. As such, parents are interested in finding out if it will "make their child focus better in class."

The studies to date are suggestive that taking omega-3's, which is found in high concentration in krill oil, might improve brain function.

And some parents believe that it might help to make their child smarter. However, this is the preliminary positive results on the health benefits of omega-3's way too far.

Sorry for the bad news. There are absolutely no compelling evidence to suggest this.

But we do know that omega-3's seem to offer some benefits in improving focus and attention span in adults and children.

Let's review the data and you can decide if it is worth to take yourself or to give to your children...

Research Studies on Using Krill Oil for ADHD Symptoms

What are the scientific studies out there to show that giving krill oil to kids actually help to reduce the ADHD symptoms?

Actually there are none.

First off, practially all studies are based on using omega-3 fatty acids from cold water fishes like salmon.

We do know that krill oil is a highly rich source of omega-3's, even more so that from fish oils.

Indeed many health experts regard krill oil as a "premium" high-potency version of the regular fish oils.

What that means is that if you were considering trying omega-3's for its potential "brain boosting" benefits, then krill oil could be a better choice.

What's the downside? The cost.

It can be considerably more expensive compared to the fish oil formulation. Once you have decided to give omega-3's a try, you will then have to decide if you would prefer to get it from krill oil or just regular fish oil.

If price is of a primary concern, then just use omega-3's from fish oil. We do have good scientific evidence showing that i promotes brain cognition and enhancing focus and attention.

Here's the reference to this research paper.

krill oil adhd reference image 1

What is the Best Dose of Krill Oil to Use for ADHD Symptoms?

First off, there are no clinical studies to show what is the most appropriate dose of krill oil to use for managing ADHD.

Having said that, we can make recommendations on the amount of omega-3's based on studies done with fish oil.

Experts have recommended starting out with 1 or 2 grams of fish oil to be giving once daily. Some researchers have suggested using up to 4 grams daily (divided into two doses) and they report that it is safe to do so.

Of course, needless to say, it's recommended that you let your family doctor know what your plans are for managing this health condition using natural remedies.

For further research studies on the health benefits of omega-3's, see the review Using Omega-3 for Managing ADHD.

So What Other Options Are Available for Reducing ADHD Symptoms?

The fact that you are reading this report tells us that you are looking for a natural solution for reducing ADHD symptoms.

There are several worth trying out. We have created a quick list of them below.

It behooves us to tell you that different natural remedies for ADHD offer different benefits. Trying one or more of them out is the only way to find out if they would help your situation.

Every child is different in the way he or she responds to natural supplements and prescription medications.

And you will need to be patient as you try out different remedies. We suggest not changing or adding more than one remedy at a time. Otherwise, you will not know which one is giving you the benefits. This also applies when increasing (or decreasing) the dose of the remedy.

So here is the quick list of natural remedies commonly used around the world to reduce ADHD symptoms.

This quick list comes from the complete table Best Natural Supplements for ADHD.

And in the end, if you have tried most if not all of the natural solutions, it may be time to consult your doctor and seek conventional prescriptions options to treat ADHD.

Bottom Line

Thinking of trying krill oil for reducing ADHD symptoms?

Go for it. It is safe. Omega-3 fatty acids have been studies in detail for its brain health benefits. Krill oil is a rich source of omega-3's indeed.

And studies done with omega-3's are suggestive that it supports brain functions such a focus and concentration.

And in the end, you will never know unless you try it out.

It might not work in all cases as ADHD symptoms will vary significantly from one person to the next, it is still worth giving it a fair trial period.

Set a target of trying it for several months and monitor the symptoms to see if there are any signs of improvements.

Krill oil can be safely combined with other natural remedies used for ADHD for a potentially synergistic effect.

However, should you find the cost of krill oil to be too "pricey" in your situation, consider trying omega-3's from fish oil instead.

And if you are currently using fish oil, you might want to consider trying krill oil for a short period of time (say for example 2 or 3 months) to see if it offers you or your child any additional benefits. You could always switch back.