Natural Remedies Facts, Hype and Myths

Get the latest natural remedies facts and not myths.

We often get asked questions about the latest and greatest cures.

This would include cancer, appetite suppressants, arthritis, weight loss and countless other health problems that plague the human race.

Atlas, we are unable to provide answers (let alone cures) to many of their health issues.

The fact is, the human system is extremely complex both in its design and its interactions with all the other systems.

And even with modern technologies, we still have countless unanswered questions.

Having said that, however, there are indeed many natural supplements that may prove to be helpful in providing relief to symptoms.

Read on to find out what is buzzing around the TV and internet....

Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss

You will hear a lot about taking Garcinia Cambogia for helping you to lose weight and to reduce your appetite.

The quick bottom line answer? It's mostly hype.

It doesn't seem to work in mice and it appears not to really work in humans either.

That's really too bad.

But that's not the impression you would get if you got that information from watching a health expert on TV expounding the weight loss you can expect by simply taking this natural supplement.

Indeed, any information you obtain from television need to go through your mental scam and hype alert centers of your brain.

If you find that too much work and too difficult to do original research, you are right.

It can be quite a bit of work to look up the original published researcher papers. The experts all use technical terms and complex mathematical analysis to describe their findings.

That's because they are writing to audiences in the research world, not to the general public. They are not trying to hide the facts. Instead they all tend to approach their findings in a very conservative way.

Many of them conclude their findings with a statement like ... "further research will be needed to verify this health benefit that our research team has discovered."

There are three detailed articles, written without technical jargons, that discuss research studies on animal, safety concerns and human clinical trials on Garcinia Cambogia.

Read the articles, preferably all of them and make up your mind for yourself. We even included the reference to the original published research papers too so that, if you desire, get it from the "horses mouth."

Cancer Cures - Anything New in the Battle Against this Deadly Disease?

Not really.

At least not in the area of natural cures. That is the fact.

Sure, that are a lot of research looking into hundreds of natural remedies for their anti-cancer potential.

But those research studies are still in the experimentally stages.

If someone promotes a natural remedy that promises to cure cancer, make sure you keep your wallet in your back pocket (or in your purse if you are a female).

The thought of cancer will send more than chills through your spine. Understandability, if you have cancer, you'll be desperately driven to believe any charlatan who promises a cure.

And advertisers capitalize on this fear when promoting their products.

It's hype combined with massive doses of wishful thinking more than anything else.

And if you hear anything in the media, rest assured that the facts are twisted and hyped up to sensationalize the discovery. After all, it's television and it must entertain or they will be out of business.

More often than not, it's from research studies in animals or in a test tube.

But the unfortunate fact is that the disease is still poorly understood even by experts who spend their entire career looking for an effective cure.

What chance do you think a lay person has if his kitchen "experiment" showed that he was able to rid himself of an incurable cancer by drinking gallons of lemon juice?

Sure, active natural ingredients found in lemons have shown promise in killing off cancer cells in a test tube, but that hardly means drinking gallons of it will cure your cancer!

Many of the natural substances that are under investigation for a hopeful cure for cancer are done in test tubes. It's easy, cheap and quick to do. (Actually, if we had access to various types of cancer cells, we could easily carry out such experiments in our kitchen!)

All you have to do is put some cancer cells in a test tube, add a few drops of compound CANCER-EZ-CURE-8276 that you extracted from a plant found in the Amazon rainforest and watch the cancer cells die off.

It's very impressive indeed. But it rarely translate into the same benefits in animals or humans. Rarely.

Soaking cancer cells in a liquid cure puts the natural substance in direct contact with the cancerous cells and in high concentration too.

But that's not how we get natural substances into our body. We eat (or drink) them. It has to pass through the stomach, intestine, through the liver and eventually (hopefully) get to the cancerous cells. This is assuming that our liver has not already inactivated the substance!

It very likely the natural substances have been modified, deactivated or eliminated by the liver and kidney. That's what our liver and kidney are designed to do.

And if some of the active anti-cancer substances manage to get to the cancerous cells, they will to be diluted further, rendering its anti-cancer properties below a level that would actually work.

Nevertheless, there are natural remedies that may, if taken religiously for long periods of time (measured in decades), help to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Of course, don't forget to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet along with a good regular physical activity program. These are essential and they may prove to be more effective than popping a pill.

Bottom Line

Natural remedies for promoting health come and go...

Keeping up can be difficult. So what do most people do? They turn to families, friends and the television.

Television is probably the worst possible place to get your information on the area of health.

Why so many people continue to do so is very easy to understand.

It's easy.

Just sit back, relax and listen to what the health experts are promoting.

Heck, you don't really have to think. Just listen and believe everything that is spewed out of the promoters mouth.

It's easier than reading a book and is specially much easier than doing research on the internet.

As for reading the original research paper that prompted the initial excitement, that would be the worst type of mental pain for your brain. (We experience this every time we try to decipher what the researchers are trying to tell us.)

Many fads on health is still around, going strong. This is especially true in the area of weight loss. For example, South Beach Diet, Eat Right for Your Blood Type and many more such "programs."

We are not asking you to close your mind to new possibilities. But don't leave your mind so open so that it falls out.