Lemon for Cancer Cure - Hype or Fact?

Does it really work to use lemon for cancer prevention and cure?

This is the second part on the topic of using lemon juice for cancer treatment and prevention.

In the first article Lemon Juice for Cancer, it only talked about research done in cell cultures and animal studies.

Intelligent individuals will want to first see some scientific studies done in human subjects before drawing any conclusion on using lemon to help treat or prevent cancer.

This article focuses exclusively on published scientific studies on humans. Read on for the discussions on the results from these research papers...

Research Studies on Using Lemon for Cancer

Unfortunately, there are no published studies that directly looked at giving cancer patients lemon extract (or lemon juice) as a form of treatment.

However, there are several population studies showing that a diet high in fruits (especially citrus fruits) can reduce the risk of various types of cancer.

Here is one such study:

lemon cancer cure research paper image 1

The researchers in this study looked at 42,311 US men. Their dietary habits were monitored every 4 years from 1986 to 2002.

They found that the group with the highest intake of citrus fruits and citrus juices had a 30 to 40% lower risk of pre-cancerous tissues in the mouth.

Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits.

In addition, the benefits of eating citrus fruits include reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer as reported in this research paper:

research paper 2 using lemon juice cancer cure

The researchers followed 1,701 men and women from 1995 to 1999 and monitored their dietary habits.

It was found that high consumption of citrus fruits and juices offered some protection against the development of pancreatic cancer.

Exactly how much more citrus fruits and juices did these people eat? Those who ate nine servings of vegetables and fruits benefited from a lower risk of pancreatic cancer compared to just eating five servings daily.

Basically they doubled their daily intake of fruits and vegetables to cut their risks down.

And here's yet another study that looked at many different types of cancers rather than one type:

population study citrus fruits and cancer rate image 4

This large study looked at patients with the following types of cancer:

Cancer types Number of patients
mouth 955
throat 395
stomach 999
colon 3,634
lung airways 527
breast 2,900
endometrial 454
prostate 1,294
kidney 767
ovarian 1,031

What this study uncovered was that the chances of getting mouth, throat, stomach, colon and lung airways cancer were significantly less in people who had the highest intake of citrus fruits (which, of course, include lemon and lemon juice).

However, the odds of developing breast, endometrial, kidney, ovarian and prostate cancer were not changed regardless of the amount of citrus fruits that was eaten.

And, there is also one study involving a total of 459 individuals on the effects of fruits and vegetables on bladder cancer. Here's the reference to this study:

research paper image 5 for citrus fruit benefits in bladder cancer

What the researchers found was that a diet high in vegetables and citrus fruits significantly reduces the risk of bladder cancer (as compared to a diet low in fruits and vegetables).

Which types of fruits and vegetables were a link found? Cruciferous vegetables, leafy green vegetables, apples and citrus fruits.

But not all studies show positive results. One study completed in Spain looked at 521,457 men. They wanted to find a link between fruits and vegetables intake and the risk of stomach and throat cancer.

Here's the reference to this study:

stomach esophagus cancer and fruits and vegetables reference image 5

They found that there no significant differences in the risk of developing gastric cancer or throat cancer whether a person followed a diet high in fruits and vegetables or not. There was some small benefit for those with cardia gastric cancer (cancer in the upper part of the stomach near the opening to the esophagus).

The conclusion from the authors of this study was that eating more citrus fruits may offer some protection against cardia gastric cancer.

The results from this study do not strongly support that a diet high in citrus fruits and juice could help prevent stomach and throat cancer.

Keep in mind that, although the study didn't give the results we liked to see, we cannot draw any conclusion about how effective citrus fruits are for the prevention of other types of cancer.

This is the reason why when someone claims that using lemon for cancer prevention works for all types of cancer, our common sense must kick into full gear.

Sidebar - Besides, using lemon for cancer prevention does not guarantee that it will prevent you from getting cancer. It is purely a chance situation. But you can reduce your chance by following a diet high in citrus fruits and juices.

In a large population, eating more citrus fruits or drinking citrus drinks seems to reduce the number of people who will develop cancer.

But the Tissue Cultures and Animal Studies Show Such Amazing Results?!

Yes. Indeed, studies done in a culture containing cancer cells do often show incredible results.

Why? Several reasons.

The main reason is that you are basically bathing the cancer cells in a solution containing the lemon juice extract!

In a human being, this doesn't happen when you drink lemon juice! (May if you drink 10 gallons it would??)

Perhaps, some of the anticancer substance from lemon juice will eventually reach the cancer cells. But, the amount of the cancer killing substance that actually gets there may not be enough to kill off all the cancer cells.

Moreover, the size of the tumour in the lab experiment is really small. A tumour in your body tends to be tremendously larger (perhaps 100 times larger!)

The benefits of using lemon for cancer will also largely dependent on the size of the turmour. (We won't describe why this is the case; it's based on the square-cube law.)

The myth that using lemon for cancer is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy drugs is probably only referring to a cancer cell culture done in a lab. Even then, we doubt that the statement is true.

If you think about it more, what does 10,000 times stronger really mean??

Does it mean that the dose needed to kill cancer cell is 10,000 times less? Does it mean that lemon juice will kill 10,000 more cancer cells compared to anticancer drugs during the same time period?

Natural Remedies for Cancer - What Do People Use?

There are many herbs, vitamins and supplements around the world that people use for the treatment and prevention of cancer. (Why just focus on using lemon for cancer prevention?)

And depending on whether you are talking about lung cancer, colon cancer or breast cancer, there may be different remedies.

See the revealing article below for a complete list of remedies for cancer that you may want to consider.

The List of Natural Remedies for Cancer

Bottom Line

Does using lemon for cancer prevention work?

Possibly but there are no studies that directly looked at lemon.

Let's rephrase the question to "Does including more citrus fruits and juice in your diet reduce the risk of some type of cancer?"

The answer to that question is YES.

And many population studies show that with a higher citrus fruits intake, the risk of getting many types of cancer drops.

And since a lemon is a type of citrus fruit, eating more lemon may decrease your risk of cancer and perhaps help slow down the growth of existing tumours that may not have been detected yet.

However, it is best to eat all types of citrus fruits rather than just focus on eating more lemons or drinking more lemon juice.

And what about using lemon for cancer cure?

No one really know, although there are many claims of curing cancer with lemon.

There are no published research data on this. Clinical studies on cancer patients with cancer will need to be done first before the truth comes out.

See our article Natural Remedies for Cancer to find many other supplements can be used to battle this disease.

small sample of natural remedies for cancer table