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List of Aphrodisiac Foods for Men List of Aphrodisiac Foods for Men

List of Aphrodisiac Foods for Men

by Pharmacist Tom

Many men are looking for a list of aphrodisiac foods to help boost sex drive. Men have the distinct advantage of having a good and stable supply of testosterone to keep their sex drive at an all-time high.

Foods that show aphrodisiac properties in men include chocolate, many types of nuts, oysters, chicken, turkey and whole milk products.

For a greater detail along with explanations of why these aphrodisiac foods work see our complete article of libido foods. It is written and reviewed by practicing pharmacists to ensure quality information.

As well, vitamins such as zinc is needed for the production of the all essential testosterone. Without enough of it, the sex drive could be diminished.

Equally important is the need to keep stress under control and to maintain good physical fitness. You will have a reduced sex drive if you know that you will get exhausted before the both of you are "done".

And did you know that the smell of cinnamon is shown to boost libido by increasing blood flow to the penis? This was shown in a clinical study done at the Smell and Taste Research Foundation. Why not take your significant other out for a hot cinnamon bun?

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