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Lysine Dosage Lysine Dosage

Lysine Dosage

by Warren

What is the recommended lysine dosage to use for treating cold sores? There are differences in the amount to take depending on the manufacturers.

In various studies done in human volunteers, the dosage of lysine various from a low of 300 mg (milligrams) to a high of 1 g (gram) up to three times daily.

In studies done for treating cold sores, researchers focused on a dose of 1 gram daily taken for about a year. Then the dose is increased to 1 gram three times daily for another half a year.

If you are using the cream or gel, apply it every 2 hours until the sores go away.

As results can vary between people, start with a lower dose initially to avoid side effects (where there are very few).

To find out if L-lysine really helps, keep a journal to track the frequency, duration and severity of each outbreak both before and after starting lysine supplements. That's the best way to find out if it works for you.

Give it a good 3 months and perhaps even 6 months before giving up. (Remember, in the clinical trials, volunteers used it for one and a half years!)

For full information on the health benefits of lysine as well as side effects and additional tips, see the link below.

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