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Lysine for Anxiety - Does It Work?

Does taking lysine for anxiety help to reduce the symptoms?

zinc for anxietyIt is known that dietary supplements rich in lysine help to reduce anxiety in people who have a low dietary intake of this particular amino acid.

But the question is does it work also in healthy individuals who are not deficient in lysine?

Read on to find out what a group of Japanese researchers have found out about the benefits of lysine for treating stress and anxiety...

Research study on the health benefits of taking lysine for anxiety

Here's the clinical trial to support our statement that lysine supplements can really help reduce anxiety levels in healthy subjects:

Oral treatment with L-lysine and L-arginine reduces anxiety and basal cortisol levels in healthy humans. Smriga M, et al.
Biomed Res. 2007 Apr;28(2):85-90.

This is a small well-designed study that showed that taking 2.64 grams of each of the two amino acid lysine and arginine significantly reduced the anxiety levels in healthy male and female volunteers placed under mental stress.

More importantly, measurements of cortisol (a type of steroid that indicates stress levels) in the saliva showed that it was reduced in males (but not in females).

So the reduction in anxiety and stress was not just observations made by this group of researchers, it is actually confirmed by the body lowering its production stress hormones (at least in the men).

This is good news for those considering taking lysine supplements for managing and reducing stress and anxiety.

Have you consider eating foods high in lysine?

Instead of take lysine supplements to reduce your anxiety levels, consider including foods rich in lysine and arginine.

To find out exactly which foods have high lysine (and arginine) content, see Foods High in Lysine.

You might just find your favorite food that you didn't know about and avoid having to take lysine or arginine supplements.

Lysine for Anxiety - Dose to Use

Take about 2.5 grams (2,500 mg) of lysine and 2.5 grams of arginine daily. Results can be expected in a week.

This dose is directly from the clinical study discussed above.

Bottom Line?

Does taking lysine for stress and anxiety works?

Yes it does. It is confirmed with a well-designed clinical studies conducted in Japan with healthy individuals. This study supports findings from previous clinical and animals studies.

Taking lysine and arginine supplements (or from your diet) can be combined with other natural remedies for enhanced benefits.

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Revised: August 28, 2019

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