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Lysine for HPV - Does It Work?

Does using lysine for HPV reduce outbreaks and speed the healing process?

HPV (human papillomavirus) is responsible for causing genital warts, a sexually transmitted disease (STD). There are over 200 known types of HPV, some of which can lead to the development of various types of cancer (cervical, penile and anal). Genital warts are quite contagious.

Another subtype of HPV causes common (skin) warts. These are benign (do not become cancerous) and are much less contagious than genital warts.

The article Benefits of Lysine reviewed all the health benefits of this essential amino acid so we won't mention them here.

Read on to find out what expert currently know....

Benefits of using Lysine for HPV - What the studies show

Lab studies show that lysine has the ability to inhibit the spread of many types of viruses.

However, there are no published clinical studies that looked at the effectiveness of using lysine for warts (either for genital or common warts).

Most of the research studies focused on the effect of lysine on HSV (herpes simplex virus) infections that cause cold sores and genital herpes.

Clinical studies show that volunteers suffering from cold sores (caused by HSV) were able to reduce the duration and severity of the outbreaks by taking lysine supplements.

Whether lysine could effectively help with HPV is currently unknown. (This is not mean that it does not work; we just do not have scientific evidence to support this.)


Lysine for HPV - Suggested dose to use

We will have to recommend a dosage from studies that looked at using Lysine for HSV instead. The lysine dose for treating HSV (genital herpes) was 1,000 mg three times daily for a period of six months.

Some studies even lasted for 1 and 1/2 years in order to show positive results. Do not expect to see results quickly.

See Lysine for Herpes to get the complete discussion on this particular use of lysine.

See Lysine for a complete review on this essential amino acid along with information on side effects.

Since lysine is found in food sources, see the article Foods High In Lysine to find out what is best to eat.


Boosting the Immune System

It is known that an active and fully functioning immune system is necessary to help the body get rid of these warts. (There is a prescription immune response cream called Aldara that does just this.)

An all natural product like Immunity Plus can be a valuable addition to lysine supplement for the fight against HPV infections.

There are also many Immune System Boosters, herbs and natural supplements, that work to enhance and support the your immune system.


Bottom Line

We don't know if taking lysine supplements would help reduce outbreaks or help get rid of genital or common warts.

Anecdotal reports and studies done in lab settings suggest that it can be beneficial. Since the side effects of lysine is minimal, it is worth trying to see if it will work for you.

See Lysine to discover all the other benefits of this natural substance.

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Created: May 26, 2011

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