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Lysine for Warts - Does It Work?

Does using lysine for warts actually work?

We could not locate any clinical studies to show whether lysine supplement could be beneficial for getting rid of warts (both genital and common warts which are caused by different strains of the human papillomavirus, HPV).

Why consider lysine? Because lab and animal studies show that high concentration of l-lysine inhibits viral replication. Moreover, it does seem to work for cold sores and genital herpes (caused by the human simplex virus, HSV).

The article Benefits of Lysine reviewed all the health benefits of this essential amino acid so we won't mention them here.

Let's focus our discussion on using this amino acid for treating warts...

Benefits of using Lysine for Warts - What the studies show

In animal studies the lack of lysine in their feed causes impairment in their immune system. (A low immune system makes it hard for your body to get rid of warts.)

It is known that l-lysine inhibits HSV (herpes simplex virus) replication while warts are caused by HPV.

Thus, we cannot simply assume that just because lysine works against the HSV that it will also work against other viruses like HPV.

Some experts believe it can, but clinical studies haven't been done to show this to be the case.

Test lysine for genital warts on yourself

You may have to "experiment" on yourself to find out. Since lysine supplements are safe to use with minimal side effects (even with high doses), this is something you can try.

Another option for getting more lysine into your system is to eat foods high in lysine. This article Foods High in Lysine reveals a list of foods that you can eat to boost lysine intake.

You will need to keep a journal outlining the frequency of outbreaks along with notes on how severe it is. Perhaps list down your perceived stress levels at the time of the outbreaks.

Obviously it is easier to see results if you get frequent and severe outbreaks. For example, if you only get one outbreaks once a year, it will take you years to figure out whether it helps or not!

Compare this to getting outbreaks three times a year. If taking lysine supplements (or increasing dietary lysine intake) cut the outbreaks to once a year, that's a significant improvement.

We need to mention that genital warts are highly contagious sexually transmitted disease. It is a condition that needs to be supervised by a healthcare professional.

The use of natural supplements like lysine for genital warts treatment should be complimented with conventional therapy from your doctor.


Lysine for Warts - Suggested dose to use

Scientifically, no one really knows what is a good lysine dose to use for warts treatment.

Topical lysine cream may not work for skin warts (although it seems to work to treat herpes simplex virus, HSV, which causes cold sores).

Experts commonly suggest a dose of either 1 gram daily (for prevention) up to 3 grams three times daily (for treating cold sores and genital herpes).


Boosting the Immune System

It is known that a poor immune system increases the chance of getting common skin warts. There's an expensive topical prescription cream (Aldara) that works to boost the immune system to help get rid of genital warts.

So it is known that keeping your immune system at maximum health is essential.

Consider a natural product like Immunity Plus to help boost your immune system.

Moreover, there are many natural Immune System Boosters that can be effective for enhancing your immune health.


Bottom Line

There are no studies show that lysine inhibits the spread of the HPV responsible for causing genital and common warts.

We simply don't know how effective taking lysine supplements would be for getting rid of warts. Perhaps instead of taking lysine supplements, consider eating foods high in lysine as a first step.

Lysine may be helpful if combined with other natural remedies treatment like tea tree oil. A topical tea tree oil formulation may be more effective.

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Created: May 30, 2011

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