Lysine Information - What Disease Is It Good For?

Lysine, first discovered in 1889, is an essential amino acid that our body uses to make proteins. It is considered an essential amino acid because our body cannot make it. It must be obtained from our diet.

Here you will find out all the reported health benefits of taking L-lysine supplements.

In addition to making proteins, lysine also serve many other functions in our body such as help with absorption of some minerals and fat metabolism.

Lysine supplements are popular for individuals suffering from viral infections caused by the HPV (human palilloma virus) and HSV (human simplex virus).

Animal and clinical research seem to show that lysine inhibits viral replication. References are included in our reference list as well on some articles to support our claims and statements.

The articles listed below are highly focused on the specific health problems that lysine supplements can be used for.

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All health conditions that it treats are fully rated based on the amount of research studies that we have found. Side effects and appropriate doses of lysine to take are included in many of the articles.

As always, before taking lysine, it is advisable to consult a health care provider if you are on prescription medications or have other health conditions.


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The articles below focus on specific topics related to using lysine supplements for varius health conditions.