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Maca for Energy - Does It Really Work?

Is there any scientific evidence for using maca for energy boost?

maca for energyMaca is a vegetable crop grown in the high altitude of Peru.

It is a very popular herb used for its ability to enhance fertility, treating menopause in women, promote stamina, endurance and to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

It is also a very popular supplement used for its ability to boost sex drive!

Let's see what experts have to say about using this Peruvian herb for boosting energy levels...

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Maca for Energy - The Scientific Evidence

Here is one of the research papers published:

Lepidium meyenii (Maca): a plant from the highlands of Peru--from tradition to science.
Gonzales GF, Gonzales C, Gonzales-CastaƱeda C.
Forsch Komplementmed. 2009 Dec;16(6):373-80.

The researchers reviewed all published research studies on maca and concluded the following:

Randomized clinical trials have shown that maca has favorable effects on energy and mood, may decrease anxiety and improve sexual desire.

And these benefits were not the results of changes in blood levels of testosterone or any of the female hormones! This is important.

Why? Because it's easy, for example, to boost sex drive by given either a man or women doses of testosterone. But it comes with side effects.

The exact science on how maca can provide an energy boost and a sense of well-being is not known but at least it does work.

It might be a good alternative to using caffeine or popular energy drinks.


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Get more detailed information on the Health Benefits of Maca?

See the unbiased article Maca to get a complete list of all the health benefits of taking this Peruvian herb. As well, side effects and suggested dose to use are included.

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Revised: April 9, 2011

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