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Maca for Fertility - Does It Really Work?

Is there any scientific evidence for using maca for fertility enhancement?

maca for fertilityMaca is often referred to as the Peruvian Ginseng. It is a vegetable crop that the people of Peru eat. It is rich in minerals, amino acids and has antioxidant properties.

Most of the interest in research studies focuses on using this herb to improve sexual function in both men and women. This is mainly what made maca so popular.

Studies done in clinical trials show that taking maca root can help to boost sex drive, treat erectile dysfunction (impotence), boost fertility in males and treat menopause symptoms.

Research Studies for Maca for Fertility - The Scientific Evidence

Taking maca root can boost sperm count and increase motility. At least that's what animal studies show.

Here is just one of the many research papers published:

Effect of maca supplementation on bovine sperm quantity and quality followed over two spermatogenic cycles.
Clément C, Kneubühler J, Urwyler A, Witschi U, Kreuzer M.
Theriogenology. 2010 Jul 15;74(2):173-83.

The 23 week study was done on 78 bulls and it clearly showed that taking maca root for 10 weeks increased sperm count and quality for the following 10 weeks.

Many other studies done on rats showed similar improvement on sperm count and motility as well.

You and I are not exactly or even close to being a bull or a rat, but these multiple studies are showing promising results indeed.

Animal studies are the first step in finding out the truth about how effective herbs are for treating health conditions in humans.


Looking for Information on How to Boost Fertility?

Many knowledgeable individuals are realizing that there are alternatives solutions to getting pregnant other than using conventional medicine.

The book Pregnancy Miracle provides extensive details and support to help couples get pregnant fast using all natural solutions. It is a worthwhile addition to your library of knowledge.

Effective Natural Remedies for Men and Women to Boost Fertility

Two products come to mind that are very helpful in boosting fertility and promoting reproductive health. Each one is specifically formulated to match to the biological needs of men and women.

Fertile XX is a natural product formulated to promote fertility for women. It supports the female reproductive system, maintain the menstrual cycle and promotes regular ovulation and egg production.

Fertile XY is a natural product formulated to meet a man's reproductive needs. It promotes prostate health, increases sperm count and motility, enhances libido and supports a healthy erection.

Get more detailed information on Maca and Fertility

See the unbiased article Maca to get a complete list of all the health benefits of taking this Peruvian herb. As well, side effects and suggested dose to use are included.


What are some other supplements to increase fertility?

As well, our must-read article Herbs to Increase Fertility reveals many useful natural remedies that can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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Revised: June 9, 2011

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