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Maca for Menopause - Does It Really Work?

Is there any scientific evidence for using maca for menopause symptoms?

maca for fertilityThe Peruvians have been eating this vegetable crop for centuries without knowing too much about the beneficial effects this herb has to the body.

Its popularity is due to its use to improve sexual functions in both men and women. It is reported to act as an aphrodisiac (boost sex drive), treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) and works as a fertility tonic.
Read on below to see what known about using this herb to treat menopause symptoms...

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Research Studies for Using Maca for Menopause Symptoms

The great news is that there are studies done in menopausal women to show that taking maca can cut down on symptoms such as anxiety, depression and lowered sex drive.

Here is one of the research paper:

Beneficial effects of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) on psychological symptoms and measures of sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women are not related to estrogen or androgen content.
Brooks NA, Wilcox G, Walker KZ, Ashton JF, Cox MB, Stojanovska L.
Menopause. 2008 Nov-Dec;15(6):1157-62.

The studied looked at 14 postmenopausal women. The study was well-designed meaning that they randomly assigned the women to either take maca or just a placebo (sugar pill) during the first 6 weeks. Well-designed studies are very important because the results are much more meaningful.

The women took 3.5 grams per day of powdered maca for 6 weeks, then they were given 6 weeks of placebo.

The researchers also took measurements of blood levels of the various female hormones and testosterone (male hormone).

Here's what they found:

It works! Women taking 3.5 grams daily of maca powder experienced less anxiety and depression and less sexual dysfunction.

The good news is that these benefits were NOT the result of changes in the estrogen or testosterone levels.


Best remedy to treat menopause symptoms?

Different herbs and supplements treat various menopause symptoms. A combination of the most effective ones offers the greatest benefits for reducing annoying menopause symptoms like hot flashes, depression, anxiety and low sex drive.

Menozac combines the most effective herbs into one complete product. It is recommended by many educated women who have found it to be highly effective.

Get more detailed information on Maca

See the unbiased article Maca to get a complete list of all the health benefits of taking this Peruvian herb. As well, side effects and suggested dose to use are included.

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Revised: April 10, 2011

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