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Magnesium Migraine Headaches? Magnesium Migraine Headaches?

Magnesium Migraine Headaches?

by Tom

Can low magnesium migraine headaches be fixed with magnesium supplements?

It is known from scientific studies that magnesium supplements can be effective in preventing and treating migraine attacks in some people.

In research studies, it was discovered that people suffering from migraines have lower levels of magnesium. Magnesium is needed to maintain the quality of the blood vessels, a helpful situation since migraine occurs when blood vessels in the brain dilate.

In one study, women taking 200 mg of magnesium three times daily cut their migraine attacks by 80%.

If you keep a journal of how frequently you get migraine attacks, you can track if taking magnesium supplements cut down the number of attacks you get.

I do not expect it would completely cure migraines but anyone suffering from migraine would tell you that even cutting down the frequency, severity or duration of the attack, even a little, is worth the effort.

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