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Melatonin for Fertility - Does It Work?

Thinking of using melatonin for fertility enhancement?

melatonin for fertilityMelatonin is best known for its ability to treat insomnia and jet-lag. It is a potent antioxidant and seems to protect the cell's sensitive genetic material (DNA) from being damaged.

Melatonin, a natural hormone that the body produces, may be helpful in women with poor quality eggs. Experts speculate that it works by protecting the egg against oxidative damage.

Moreover, low melatonin levels seem to impair sperm motility in men.

Read on to find out what research studies have revealed on the benefits of melatonin for improving the chances of getting pregnant...


Research studies on using melatonin for fertility improvements

Let's take a look at several clinical trials to find out if melatonin actually works to improve fertility rate in men and women.


Study #1

Melatonin hormone profile in infertile male
Awad H, Halawa F, Mostafa T, Atta H.
Int J Androl. 2006 Jun;29(3):409-13.

It was a study that involved 120 men suffering from infertility.

This study revealed the fact that men who are infertile seem to have low melatonin levels in their semen. Their sperm motility is lower and the sperms appear to be poor in quality.

Keep in mind that from this study alone, we cannot draw the conclusion that taking a melatonin supplement could improve sperm motility.


Study #2

High endogenous melatonin concentrations enhance sperm quality and short-term in vitro exposure to melatonin improves aspects of sperm motility.
Ortiz A, Espino J, Bejarano I, et al.
J Pineal Res. 2011 Mar;50(2):132-9.

This Spanish study looked at what happens when sperm cells are exposed to 30 minutes of a melatonin solution. The researchers collected semen samples from 52 men who went for fertility counselling.

Exposing sperm cells to melatonin significantly improved sperm motility. The conclusion from this group of researchers is that melatonin supplementation may be useful in improving IVF (in vitro fertilization) outcomes.


Study #3

Oxidative stress impairs oocyte quality and melatonin protects oocytes from free radical damage and improves fertilization rate. Tamura H, Takasaki A, Miwa I, Taniguchi K, Maekawa R, Asada H, Taketani T, et al.
J Pineal Res. 2008 Apr;44(3):280-7.

And what about using melatonin for fertility in women? Is there any evidence that using it would benefit women undergoing IVF?

Indeed there is such a study. Melatonin possesses antioxidant properties that may shield the fragile egg against damage.

One hundred and fifteen women who failed initially using IVF therapy were divided into two groups. 56 received melatonin and 59 did not.

The fertilization rate was significantly improved only in the group taking a melatonin supplement.

This study showed that melatonin protects the egg against oxidative stress. The researchers believe that taking melatonin is likely to improve egg quality and increase fertility rate.


What is a suitable dose of melatonin for fertility enhancement?

Based on these (and other) clinical trials 3 mg daily of melatonin seem to provide benefits. This is the dose we would recommend. Consult your health care provider if you intend to take a higher dose specifically for treating infertility.

Melatonin is safe to use for most individuals. This article Benefits of Melatonin focuses on all the uses of this natural substance.

Bottom line

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with IVF, natural supplements can complement existing treatment options.

Using melatonin for fertility seems to work to increase the chance of conception by protecting and enhancing the quality of the egg in women. In men with low fertility, melatonin seems to enhance sperm motility and quality.

Melatonin is a suitable choice. If possible, consider getting your melatonin level measured.

Talk to your doctor about using melatonin as an addition to your current treatment for infertility.


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