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Muira Puama Benefits - Pharmacist Uncovers the Truth

What are some muira puama benefits? The two most common health conditions muira puama is used for are impotence (erectile dysfunction or ED) and low sex drive.

Indeed, animal studies suggest that it can be helpful and one small study done in human volunteers showed that it does seem to work.

Other suggested benefits of muira puama include treating depression, preventing memory loss and treating cancer. However these benefits have only been shown in animal and lab studies. It would be difficult to say if the same benefits would be found in humans.

Fortunately, in the one clinical study done, no side effects were reported by any of the volunteers who took muira puama.

Evidence of Benefits

For comments on research studies for each of the conditions below, see the main article Muira Puama.

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Aphrodisiac / Impotence / Libido Enhancer
Erectile Dysfunction
Depression / Stress (Adaptogen) 
Memory Loss / Alzheimer's Disease
Breast Cancer / Cancer
Oxidative Stress 
Male Pattern Baldness / Hair Loss

Suggested Benefits and Traditional Uses

See Muira Puama for a list of all the suggested uses.

Muira Puama Side Effects and Dosage to Use

For muira puama side effects and suggested dosage to use, see the article Muira Puama.

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