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Muira Puama Effects

What are some evidences of muira puama effects on treating erectile dysfunction and boosting libido?

Muira puama, also known as potency wood, has been traditionally used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence), male hair loss, boost sex drive (libido) and act as an adaptogen (to allow the body to cope with stress). It is also used by bodybuilders and weight lifters to enhance muscle growth.

It is listed in the British herbal reference standards as being suitable for treating impotence.

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Erectile dysfunction (ED)

The only studies done to see if taking muira puama could help fix erectile dysfunction was completed in rabbits. It has gained interest because there are studies done in women to show that it can boost libido.

Libido enhancement / (Boost sex drive)

There is one study completed in females to see if taking potency wood could boost sex drive. The results showed that it worked in women for boosting the frequency of sexual intercourse, increasing the intensity of orgasm and enhanced sex life.

Other health benefits

Muira puama is also used traditionally for treating depression and help with memory loss. Since it is believed to increase testosterone production, it is used by bodybuilders and weight lifters to boost muscle growth.

To find out the side effects and dosage to use, see the full review on muira puama.

More information on treating erectile dysfunction and low libido?

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