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Muira puama side effects - What can I expect? Muira puama side effects - What can I expect?

Muira puama side effects - What can I expect?

What side effects can I expect from taking muira puama or commonly known as potency wood? Is there any particular side effects that I should be concerned about?

Fortunately, studies conducted by researchers showed that muira puama side effects are minor. The scientific literature did not report any serious effects. It is the general opinion of experts that this herb is safe to use.

However, in theory, taking muira puama might cause a slight increase in blood pressure for some people. It has been suggested that it may increase testosterone levels because of its positive effect on boosting sex drive (libido).

It is also believed to stimulate the brain. Those individuals taking medications that affect the brain (such as prescription antidepressant medications) should be cautious. Consult with your healthcare provider or herbalists to be certain.

Again, these effects are only proposed theory and no studies have been done to show if this herb actually causes these changes.

See the link below to get the full review on muira puama including recommended doses and all the other suggested health benefits of this herb from the Amazon rain forest.

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