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Natural Cough Remedies

Find out how to stop coughing using natural cough remedies. Below is a table outlining natural remedies that have been used traditionally to treat coughs. Coughing is a very common symptom of the common cold or the flu.

These natural remedies are excellent second choices after you have tried the home remedies outlined in our article How to Stop Coughing.

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The List of Natural Cough Remedies

Natural Cough Remedies What experts say about them
Chest Rub
Helpful (What's this?)

Chest rubs (one example is Vicks VapoRub), containing menthol and camphor, is an FDA approved product to help treat coughing and congestion.

Usage: Apply the ointment to the chest and throat area as needed.

Licorice Helpful

This herb is traditionally used to boost the immune system, sooth the respiratory tract and help to get rid of coughing.

Dose: Take 500 mg four times daily.
Tincture - Take 1 mL four times daily.

Note: Use under the supervision of a healthcare professional, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure.
Wild Cherry Helpful

Wild cherry is traditionally used to treat bronchitis, whopping cough and other lung problems. It can be helpful in reducing coughs.

Liquid extract - Take 5 to 12 drops of the extract up to three times daily.
Slippery Elm Helpful

The mucilage (gel-like substance) of slippery elm can sooth the throat and reducing coughing. It is a good choice for a dry cough.

Dose: Alcohol extract (1:1) - Take 5 mL three times daily.
Lozenge - Slowly dissolve one tablet in the mouth. Use as directed by the manufacturer.
Anise Helpful

Anise may have the ability to stop spasm and can be used to stop coughing.

Make a tea using 1 to 2 teaspoon of the crushed seed and steep for 15 minutes. Strain and drink up to twice a day (morning and night).
Catnip Helpful

Catnip is traditionally used to treat cough and asthma symptoms.

Dose: See our detailed article on catnip for the various dosage forms that you can use.

Eucalyptus Helpful

Eucalyptus has been traditionally used as an expectorant for coughs, asthma and lung infections. It has anti-inflammatory effect and can help breakup mucus making it easy for you to cough up phlegm.

Use: Inhalation: Place a few drops into a vaporizer and inhale as needed.

Take 200 mg of eucalyptol (part of eucalyptus oil) up to three times daily.

Warning: Taking eucalypus oil by mouth has be linked to severe and dangerous reactions. Do not use eucalyptus oil on infants or children except in the vaporizer for inhalation.

Mullein Helpful

This herb can be helpful in allowing the body to eliminate mucus and reduce inflammation.

: Take 500 mg or 2 mL of the tincture up to four times daily.
Astragalus This herb is traditionally used to strengthen the immune system and to boost the body's ability to fight off infection. It has been historically used to treat chronic and acute bronchitits associated with a cough.

Dose: Take 500 to 1,000 mg two to three times daily.
Tincture - Take 3.5 mL up to three times daily.
Red Clover
These list of herbs have been suggested for treating a cough and may have been used historically.


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