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Frequently Asked Questions

What about using Vicks to cure toenail fungus?

Some people suggested the natural cure of applying Vicks to toenail can cure the fungus. There's not much evidence that Vicks would work well even though it seems to slow down the fungus growth.

Pharmacist Tom's recommendations: Use tea tree oil first. There are scientific research studies to show that tea tree oil actually works to cure toenail infections.

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I've heard that mayonnaise kill head lice. Is that true?

People have tried many home natural remedies designed to "drown" the head lice. These include vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, olive oil, mayonnaise, melted butter and petroleum jelly. Mayonnaise is not very effective at killing head lice.

Petroleum jelly was the only treatment that killed the most head lice, allowing only about 6% to hatch.

Pharmacist Tom's recommendations: May we suggest using the natural cure tea tree oil first? There's much more scientific evidence to show that tea tree oil actually works to kill head lice. Ultimately, manually removing the eggs (that is combing the hair and scraping the egg off) will be required.

No treatment is 100% effective without manual removal of the nits (eggs), including those products sold in pharmacies (such as Nix and Kwellada). The use of white petrolatum or mayonnaise is messy (really) and I wonder how much work you'll need to do just to wash the stuff out...

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Tea tree oil - A potent antiseptic that can kill bacteria, viruses and parasites.

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Revised: 25.04.2015

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