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Natural Libido Enhancement Herbs 

What are some natural libido enhancement herbs that work?

natural libido enhancementBelow is a summary of the top three natural remedies that used to boost sex drive in both men and women.

You can expect supplements designed to enhance libido to contain several of these herbs.

It is good news that many research studies exist to show that these herbs actually work as claimed.

However, the effectiveness of using these herbs is dependent on the severity and the nature of the the cause of the low sex drive. For example, many prescription antidepressant medications are known to lower sex drive. For men, these medications can also cause erectile dysfuntion as well.

Make sure all the causes of low sex drive is addressed first as revealed in this article. For example, stress and fatigue is a common cause as is pain, anxiety and boredom.

As well there are libido foods such as chocolate and oysters that can be added to your diet to help increase sex drive.

#1 Yohimbe

Yohimbe bark is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. There is one study to show that the herbal extract may be helpful in treating sexual dysfunction caused by using prescription antidepressant medications.

Yohimbine, the active chemical found in yohimbe bark, is a prescription medication in Canada and the United States. It is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Moreover, a study showed that using yohimbine with L-arginine increased sexual arousal in women after the age of menopause. Another study also reported similar effects in men.

Keep in mind that the study was done with yohimbine and not the actual yohimbe bark. See the article Yohimbe Dosage to understand the proper amount to take for maximum effects.

See the full review on yohimbe to discover all the health benefits and side effects you can expect from using the herb.

#2 Maca

Maca is often use to treat erectile dysfunction in men and several studies show that it is effective in boosting libido in women as well.

This natural libido enhancer is a vegetable crop that the Peruvians eat as part of their diet. Perhaps it is no surprise that some people refer to it as the Peruvian Ginseng.

It also seems to boost fertility in men as some studies show.

See the full review on maca to get detailed information on the recommended dose to use.

#3 Damiana

Damiana is a herb that is often combined with ginseng, ginkgo and L-arginine to help boost sex drive and to treat impotence in men.

In one study, this particular combination of herbs is shown to help enhance sexual desire in women. The researchers observed that women experienced an increase in sexual desire, frequency of sexual intercourse and orgasm and a decrease in vaginal dryness.

See the full review on damiana to get detailed dosage information as well other other health benefits.

Others Commonly Used Herbal Products

The above list of herbs represent the top three natural supplements with scientific studies to show that they work to boost sex drive.

There are many others as well but these have less or smaller scienific studies done in human. These include:

More information on treating low libido?

There are many other natural and herbal remedies for treating low sex drive that are effective as this summary article reveals.

Find out some of the causes of low sex drive as well so that these issues can be addressed.

If you wish to learn more about low sex drive and their causes, see our series of articles on Sex Drive. Also find out which foods can be eaten to boost libido.

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