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Natural Remedies for Acne

Natural Remedies for Acne Prevention and Cure

You have found one of the most comprehensive list of natural remedies for acne problems ever compiled. We have rated many of the vitamins and herbs that have research done on them for treating this annoying skin problem.

As well, if you want to discover what homemade remedies you can use, see the article Home Remedies for Acne.

Or find out what the causes of adult acne and foods to eat or avoid in your battle against pimples in the article Introduction to Acne Condition.

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Natural Remedies for Acne

Natural Remedy What experts say about these natural remedies for acne
Tea Tree Oilleaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal

natural remedies for acne tea tree oilTea tree oil has been shown to kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. Applying diluted tea tree oil can help with preventing and curing acne. This oil is one of the natural remedies for acne that is becoming more widely used.

Dose: Use a diluted (about 5%) solution of tea tree oil and apply on the acne once or twice daily.

See our FULL and comprehensive report on the benefits of tea tree oil.

Warning: Click here to read more about side effects before using it. Tea tree oil can be irritating to the skin.
Zinc leaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal (What's this?)

Low zinc levels can worsen acne conditions. Studies show that taking this essential mineral is helpful in curing acne problems.

Dose: Take 30 to 135 mg of zinc daily. Click here to find out more about zinc if you are planning to take more than 40 mg daily.
Vitamin A leaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal

Vitamin A reduces the production of sebum and keratin and is helpful in reducing acne.

Dose: Use 5,000 to 10,000 IU daily.

Warning: The high dose needed for it to work may cause side effects. Use under the supervision of a healthcare professional is recommended.
Vitamin Eleaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal

Vitamin E is shown to be somewhat effective in helping treat acne when combined with Vitamin A.

Dose: Use the pure oil and apply to the skin daily. A daily dose of 400 IU is also recommended.
Vitamin B6 or
B-Complex Vitamin
leaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal

Deficiencies of B vitamins are linked to acne breakouts.

One study showed that vitamin B6 can reduce premenstrual acne. Another study showed that vitamin B6 cut down the oil produced by the skin and helped in reducing acne in 75% of the volunteers.

Dose: Take 50 mg daily. Dosage as high as 250 mg daily have been used to treat resistant acne conditions. The other good option is to take a B-complex 50 or 100 multivitamin (which contains all the B vitamins).
Guggul leaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal

One controlled clinical study compared guggul with a standard antibiotic for acne, tetracycline. It was found that guggul was as effective for treating cystic acne.

Dose: Take 500 mg twice daily.
leaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal

Some studies done in Germany shows that Vitex can help with treating premenstrual acne. The researchers suspect that it might regulate hormonal imbalance.

Dose: The women took 40 drops once daily.
Essential Fatty Acids
(Fish Oil)
leaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal
Many doctors believe that omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil and flaxeed oil) can reduce the severity of the acne conditions.

Dose: Suggested dose is 3 to 5 grams daily.

leaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal

This herb is able to kill the bacteria that causes pimples.

See Turmeric for Acne for complete details on how to use it as a face mask and overnight cream.
Dose: Take 500 mg up to four times daily.


Selenium has anti-inflammatory benefits and experts believe it can be helpful in reducing acne inflammation.

Dose: Take 200 mcg daily.
Burdock Root Helpful

Some herbalists suggest applying a solution containing extracts of the roots to treat acne conditions.

Burdock root is considered to be a blood cleanser and can strengthen the liver and kidney to help with the detox process.

Take 300 to 500 mg of the pill format up to three times daily. Experts recommend taking for at least 8 weeks to see results.

- Drink 1 cup of burdock root tea up to three times daily.
Aloe Gel Aloe vera gel may help with reducing the scar marks. Apply once or twice daily.

Saw Palmetto
There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that taking saw palmetto helps to clear up acne conditions. This herb is widely promoted as one of the natural remedies for acne treatment.

Dose: Take 160 mg twice daily. Click here to get more dosing information on saw palmetto.

Oregano Oil Applying oil of oregano on the skin kills bacteria and fungus. It can be helpful in treating acne conditions. Experts believe that taking oregano by mouth can help with acne conditions as well.

Dose: Take 500 mg twice daily or apply the oregano oil on the skin once or twice daily.
Lavender Oil natural remedies for acne using lavender oilLavender oil may help with drying up the pimple reducing the acne scar marks.

Apply twice daily onto the acne and the surround areas.
Milk Thistle
Red Clover

Experts believe these herbs can cleanse the blood and support the kidneys and liver as part of a detoxification program.

Milk Thistle - Take the tincture or use grounded up milk thistle seeds.

Red Clover - Use the tea formulation.
Some experts suggest that echinacea and goldenseal can help boost the immune system to allow the body to clear up acne better. Goldenseal can kill off the bacteria that cause the acne problem.

Dosage information is included in the articles on echinacea and goldenseal.
These herbs have a calming effect and can help treat acne problems due to stress.

Find out many other natural remedies to use for stress-induced acne problems.

Dose: Tea - Use as often as needed.
Dandelion Root This herb can be helpful in supporting your liver function in detoxification and it can act as a mild laxative.

Dose: Take 3 to 5 grams of the dried root (pill format) up to three times daily.
Tincture - Use 30 drops up to three times daily.
Tea - Use 1 tea bag and drink up to three times daily.
Infusion - Use 3 to 5 grams of the root up to three times daily.

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