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Natural Remedies for Autism - Which One Works? Natural Remedies for Autism - Which One Works?

Natural Remedies for Autism - Which One Works?

Are there any good natural remedies for autism that works? A friend of mine suggested fish oil. She said it's good for brain function. I've been giving my son that but is there any other herbs or vitamins that I could also use?

Unfortunately, there are not even prescriptions that works to treat autism directly. They all simply focus on managing the symptoms only.

There are two vitamins that researchers have looked at for treating autism.

#1 Vitamin B6 - Well-designed (double-blinded) studies seems to show that vitamin B6 can help autistic kids. The dose used in these studies ranges from 3.5 to 100 mg for each kilogram of body weight. Keep in mind that these are very high doses to use and supervision by a healthcare professional is absolutely essential.

There weren't any reported side effects but these high doses is known to possibly cause problems to the nervous system.

#2 Vitmain C - This essential vitamin improves the hormone system that is typically out of balance in children with autism.

A double-blinded clinical trial showed that giving children 1 gram of vitamin C for each 20 pounds of body weight reduced autism symptoms better than just taken a placebo (sugar pill). The results were seen in 10 week, which was length of the study.

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