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Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

natural remedies for hair lossThe Guide to Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

We have created a comprehensive list of natural remedies for hair loss prevention and treatment.

The benefits you can expect will depend on many factors including the cause of hair loss.

Many of these remedies will take many months to show any significant results so patience is absolutely essential.

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Natural Remedy What experts say about them
Saw Palmetto leaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal (What's this?)

Herbalists commonly suggest saw palmetto as it blocks the production of DHT, a hormone which is known to cause hair loss. It is often combined with pygeum.

One well-designed clinical study did show that it helped with reducing hair loss in men suffering from male pattern baldness. Here is the quick article on using saw palmetto for hair loss.

Dose: Take 320 mg once daily or 160 mg twice daily. Get more dosing information in our article Benefits of saw palmetto.

One popular product used to treat hair loss is called Provillus.
Biotin &
B vitamins
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Some experts believe that insufficient intake of biotin may may contribute to hair loss. Adding this vitamin may stimulate new hair growth or slow down hair loss as shown in initial research studies.

Dose: Take a B-complex (50 mg) vitamin daily to ensure you get all your needed B vitamins. This will help with fighting off stress and ensure that you also get vitamin B12 (also needed to support hair growth).
Vitamin Eleaf logo plant natural remedies herb herbal

Animal studies show that a deficiency in vitamin E results in slower hair growth.

Dose: Take 400 IU once daily.
Zinc Helpful

Zinc is needed for proper hair development. Some expert suspect that low levels of zinc might affect the ability of hair to grow properly. However, several other studies show no benefit in taking zinc.

Take 30 mg daily. Also include 3 mg of copper (as zinc supplements may cause deficiency in copper).
Iron Helpful

In individuals who suffer from low iron in their blood (anemia), it may contribute to hair loss. It may not be useful for those who do not have low iron levels.

See your family doctor to get your iron levels measure to find out if this might be a cause.
Essential Fatty Acids Helpful

Deficiency may contribute to hair loss. Taking omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can enhance the skin on the scalp and support hair growth.

Essential fatty acids can be found in fish oil, flaxseed and evening primrose oil.

Dose: Take 2 to 3 grams daily.
Grape Seed Extract Helpful

Initial research findings showed that this potent antioxidant stimulated hair growth and could be useful in treating hair loss.

Dose: Take 50 to 100 mg daily.
Pygeum Helpful

Herbalists and holistic practitioners commonly suggest using pygeum along with saw palmetto to help with slowing down hair loss and to promote hair growth.
Dose: Take 200 mg of the extract daily.
MSM MSM is a rich source of sulfur, a mineral that is needed to promote proper hair development.

Dose: Take 3,000 mg daily.
Silica Silica is believed to be helpful for hair growth in men suffering from alopecia. The herb horsetail contains silica. Horsetail can be taken as a tea formulation.

Dose: Take 50 mg daily of silica.
Rosemary Essential Oil Rosemary essential oil added to shampoo is believed to help improve circulation in the scalp.

Usage: Put 5 drops of the essential oil into 30 mL (1 ounce) of shampoo.

The Best Remedy for Hair Loss in Men and Women?

Provillus might just be the best remedy for hair loss. There are two specific formulation for men and women. It uses all natural remedies along with an FDA approved ingredient for promoting hair growth and reversing hair loss.

It comes with high recommendations from men and women who are currently using it to promote hair growth. It is one of the most popular natural remedies for hair loss chosen by discriminating individuals.


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