Natural Remedies A-Z List

Here is a A-Z list of natural remedies and supplements used around the world.Our natural remedies reviews provide a detailed list of the health conditions that they are used to treat.You will also find information on side effects, cautions to watch out for as well as suggested dose to use.Get educated about what you are taking and make better decisions for the health of you and your family.

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About Using Natural Remedies to Treat Ailments

Natural herbal remedies have been used since antiquity for treating many health problems throughout the world.

Their healing properties were discovered long before the introduction of prescription medicine and formal research studies.

Indeed, over 50% of the world's prescriptions are developed from the chemicals found in plants.

Scientists use these active chemicals as a starting point for developing more potent forms.

Unlike herbs, these newly modified chemicals then can be patented and then sold with legal protection against competition for a set period of time.

Natural remedies are a good choice for chronic or acute mild to moderate health conditions. More serious health problems will require the supervision of a qualified health care professional and perhaps the use of a more potent prescription medication.

Natural Remedies - Side Effects and Limitations

Natural supplements work the same way as many prescription and non-prescription medications. As such, they also have similar side effects and potential toxicity that you should be aware of.

In general, the side effects from using herbal remedies are not as severe as those found when using prescription medications. This is in part because you are taking the whole herb and not just the concentrated active chemical (although standardized herbal supplements can be very potent).

Moreover, some individuals mistakenly believe that herbal remedies are the only solution and that conventional medications have no place in treating or preventing diseases. The statement that these individuals would said is, "I don't believe in prescription medications."

Some health conditions like cancer will require proper medical supervision and most likely will require conventional treatment in order to ensure good prognosis.

On the other hand, it is easy enough for a person to monitor their blood pressure if they are taking a herb to lower blood pressure. The same goes for blood sugar levels when they are taking a herb to help treat diabetes.

When you are aware of the potential side effects and limitations of the natural supplements you plan on taking, you will be able to make informed decisions. It is, after all, your health we are talking about.

Bottom Line

Find out as much as possible about the herb or natural supplement that you are planning to take.

Make sure that you are aware of the side effects as well a suitable dose to use.

Also check to make sure that the herbs do not interact with other supplements or with existing medications (if you are on any).

Researchers are constantly discovering more and more health benefits of herbal remedies for preventing, treating and curing common health problems.

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