Oil of Oregano for Cancer - Does It REALLY Work?

Oregano has been used traditionally to treat various ailments.

It is an important herb used in cooking for adding flavour to foods. It is also traditionally used as an antibacterial agent and for the treatment of the common cold symptoms.

Oil of oregano contains many active substances such as polyphenols, tannins, anthocyanins and flavonoids.

These natural chemicals are shown to possess many beneficial healing and disease-preventing properties.

Because of its rich content of these natural substances, some experts have suggested that it may be helpful in cancer patients.

Let's look at the available scientific studies to see if it really would work against cancer cells...

Research Studies on Using Oil of Oregano for Cancer Treatment

Lab studies show promise in oil of oregano's ability to stop cancer cells from growing. Two studies presented below on the use of oil of oregano for cancer.

Here's the reference to the first study:

oil of oregano ref0 picture

The three researchers show that extracts of oil of oregano contains may active chemicals that have the potential to stop the growth of cancer cells.

When they tested the extract against human breast cancer cells, it stopped their growth. Moreover, they also noted that the same extract when applied to healthy cells did not affect their normal growth.

This is important since we want to be certain that the extract of oregano only affected the growth of cancerous cells and not healthy cells.


A similar positive result in the ability of oil of oregano to stop breast cancer cell growth was repeated by another research group. Here's the reference to this study:

oil of oregano for cancer reference picture

This group of researchers also found that the extract of oregano was effective in stopping human cancer cell growth.

It is unfortunate that there are no current published studies done in animals to determine if oil of oregano will work in a living organism.

With this beneficial effects seen in cancer cell culture, we can eventually expect scientist to carry out studies on animals. Stay tuned...

Bottom Line

Should I consider using oil of oregano for cancer?

Probably not.

There just are not any animal studies (let alone studies done in humans) to show whether it will work or not.

At least it is shown to be non-toxic to healthy cells.

There are other natural remedies that hold more promise in the fight to prevent and treat cancer.

We strongly suggest you review our article Natural Remedies for Cancer to discover many other remedies and vitamins that have been studied for cancer prevention and treatment.

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