Using Onions for Flu - Does It Really Work?

Does using onions really prevent you for catching the flu?

Starting around 1918, there was the myth circulating that placing cut onions around the home helped to kill the flu virus.

This myth has remained up until today.

The flu and cold virus, which sit on droplets of mucus and fluid that get released into the air when we sneeze or cough, float around in the air until they land on something.

It could land on countertops, door knobs or any other sufaces.

Then when you touch these surfaces, you transfer the virus onto your hands. By rubbing your eyes or touching your nostrils with your contaminated hands, you might transfer the flu virus to you mucus membrane (tear ducts and the nostril).

This is how the virus gets into your system.

The fact is that cut unions don't attract the flu or cold virus anymore than a toilet seat or door knob would. Common sense would tell you that the common cold and the flu virus are spread by contact.

However, eating onions can give you relief to some of the flu symptoms. This has been suggested by holistic healthcare practitioners and there is some truth behind this belief.

Read on to find out more about the health benefits of onions for flu symptoms...

Health Benefits of Onions

Similar to the health benefits of eating garlic for flu symptoms, onion is rich in antioxidants and substances that provide relief from sinus congestions.

Onions can reduce inflammation around the sinus cavities and it also has anti-allergic properties to a treat a runny nose.

They can also dry up mucus from the sinus cavities, loosen phlegm and reduce cough.

Of course, this is in addition to its reported abilities to protect against cancer, destroy worms and parasites in the intestine, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels and treat high blood pressure. Consider these to be side benefits.

Did you know that there is some scientific evidence showing that spicy chicken soup can provide some relief from all the annoying symptoms of the flu?

Adding onions would further extend the benefits of chicken soup for helping to reduce cold and flu symptoms.

How to Use Onions for Flu and Cold Symptoms

Eating onions will give you relief from a stuffy nose and a nagging cough. Eating the onion raw is best if you can stand that.

However, if you can't stand the thought or taste of eating raw onions, you can include sliced onions in your sandwich or salad.

Of course you can further spice up your chicken soup by adding diced onions! In addition to eating onions for flu, consider eating garlic as well.

How much should you eat? Eat as much as your can reasonable tolerate.

The bad breath you might get may not make you popular around your friends, but heck, you got the flu and shouldn't be around friends anyways.

What are Other Herbs and Supplements for Flu Symptoms?

Indeed there are quite a few herbs and supplements that are traditionally used to combat the common cold and flu symptoms.

Our report Natural Remedies for Treating Flu Symptoms provides extensive details and recommended doses to use. Many of the these supplements are rated based on their level of scientific research supporting their effectiveness.

This is a must read for anyone looking for a complete guide to fighting off the flu symptoms with natural supplements.

Needless to mention, if your immune system is running down, it increases the chance that you might catch the flu as well. Consider taking some natural supplements to help boost your immune system.

Bottom Line

Does onion really help with the flu?

Putting cut onions around the hoping that it will prevent family members for catching the flu is a complete myth.

At worst, your friends who visit you and see all these cut onions sitting all around your home might think you have lost your marbles and recommend you to see a psychiatrist for proper treatment.

Fortunately, eating onions helps to reduce sinus congestions and a nagging cough.

If eating raw onions is not your cut of tea, then considering adding it to your home-cooked chicken soup.

Spicy foods, such as onion, are known to help reduce flu symptoms and make you feel much better so that you can back to doing the stuff you have to do.