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Onions Or Bananas on Warts? Onions Or Bananas on Warts?

Onions Or Bananas on Warts?

by bibit

Basically I have a couple of warts on my fingers. I have seen different types of natural remedies (un-natural remedies are painful Really.)
I used BLACK duct tape at first, does that even work, if its black?

So then I quit and left my ONE wart at the time alone. Then I noticed more growing, so I thought I got to get rid of the wart permanently.

And I have found 2 home remedies that caught my eye; banana and onion. Which is more effective and how do I use them? Thank you.

The duct tape to remove warts research study was done with the original grey colored duct tape. It showed that it could remove the warts.

Later two studies showed that duct tape did not work. But in these two studies, the researchers used clear duct tape! The clear duct tape did not have the same type of glue as the original grey duct tape. (Not sure the type of glue that is used in the grey duct tape.)

Banana Peel

Some people have successfully used banana peels to remove annoying warts. Cut a piece (about 1 inch by 1 inch square) of the banana peel and rub the inside on the warts at night. You may do this twice a day to speed up the wart removal.

Results may be seen in two weeks, depending on how large the wart is. It may take much longer before the warts are completely gone.


Cut the onion in half and put some juice on the warts. Do this two or three times daily for one to two weeks.

Good luck.


See Natural Remedies for Warts for more information on how to get rid of warts.

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Aug 12, 2010
Banana Peel for Wart Removal - Did not work
by: Teri

I did try using the inside of the banana peel for about 4 weeks to help me get rid of my two warts on my finger. I also used garlic oil as well at the same time.

It did not work as well as I'd liked and ended up freezing them off at home. After about six months, one of them came back.

This time, I did not wait until they grow very large and I did the freezing again. I hope it doesn't come back again.

Oh, it hurts like crazy. It's only for the brave and those not afraid of pain!

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