Osteoarthritis Diet

What kind of food should I AVOID if I have Osteoarthritis (OA)?

That is a great question that many poeple suffering from arthritis have been asking lately.

Clearly, if a certain type of food causes inflammation, it is wise to stay away from it.

Here is a summary of foods that you want to avoid eating. Some of them are suspected of causing additional inflammation that can lead to further joint stiffness and pain.

In addition, we will talk about the type of foods that you could consider eating more of. These may help to reduce inflammation and pain along with perhaps slowing down the degenerative process of the joint.

Foods to Avoid Eating if You Suffer from Osteoarthritis

Foods to Avoid What Experts Say...
Reduce or avoid taking nightshade vegetables Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and peppers all contain a chemical called solanine. This substance can induce an allergic-like response and pain in some people with allergies.

Stop this group of vegetables for one or two months to see if it helps to reduce pain and swelling.

Research suggest that removing nightshade foods from your diet can reduce symptoms by up to 70%.

Reduce meat Studies in large groups of population seems to show that a diet high in meat and fats is associated with increased number of people with inflammatory type arthritis.

Other studies show that a vegetarian diet provides more of the needed anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

Eliminate "acid" foods Foods that are "acid" may worsen joint inflammation.

Scientist are not sure why this is the case. There is a lot of confusion with the term "acid" and "alkali". This term is used to described what the food does to the acidity in our body when they are processed, not whether they are themselves acidic or not.

For example, oranges and tomatoes have acidic contents, but when our body process them, it results in alkali production and make the urine alkaline. Fruits are classified as an alkali foods.

Protein-rich foods such as meat and diary products creates acid in our body and urine. See if reducing or eliminating acid forming foods helps with your arthritis symptoms.

Foods to Eat More of If You Suffer from Osteoarthritis

If there are foods that might cause inflammation and pain, then indeed that would be foods that can do the opposite.

Below, we have compiled a list of foods that may help with osteoarthritis.

Food Sources What Experts Say...
Sulfur-containing foods Foods containing high amounts of sulfur are recommended.

Sulfur is required for the maintenance of the cartilage and bone.

Asparagus, cabbage, garlic and onion are high in sulfur content.

Fresh pineapple Raw pineapple contains the active ingredient bromelain.

It is an enzyme that shows good anti-inflammatory benefit.

Reduce fat intake Cut back on taking fatty foods such as milk, diary products and read meats.

Choose skim or 1% milk instead of homogenized milk when possible.

Reduce iron-intake Some experts believe that high levels of iron in the blood may contribute to worsening of arthritis pain and inflammation.

Get your needed iron from dietary sources instead of from iron supplements. Fish, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and peas are good sources of iron.

Eat fish, take fish oil or the omega-3 fatty acid capsules Fish such as salmon, halibut, tuna, mackerel, lake trout, herring and sardines contain omega-3 fatty acids.

It shows anti-inflammatory activity and may be helpful in controlling pain and swelling.

Drink water Avoid dehydration. Drinking water ensures that the fluid in the joints is present in sufficient levels.

There is some evidence that people suffering from arthritic pain tends to be dehydrated.

Bottom Line

For sure, following a healthy diet is a wise idea regardless of whatever health condition you might suffer from.

However, it is often insufficient a method when dealing with a complex health condition.

But many people don't want to reach for non-prescription or prescription medications at the first sign of pain. So what is one to do?

What about natural remedies? Many of them, such as turmeric, possess potent antiinflammatory effects equal to Advil (ibuprofen) and Aleve (naproxen).

Arthritis is such a common health condition that we have put together a comprehensive list of all natural remedies use to treat osteoarthritis pain and swelling.Find out what you can take for your arthritis pain and get proper dosing information as well.

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