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Potassium Iodide for Radiation Exposure - Are We Missing The Big Picture?

Potassium iodide for radiation exposure? Is this the whole picture?

When you head headlines like "Japan crisis spikes demand for radiation pills", it implies that there is a pill that you can take to protect you against all forms of radiations.

This is not true.

There is no practical product that you can buy that protects you against the damaging radioactive substances from a nuclear fallout.

Potassium iodide (KI) only protect against radioactive iodine that is released by damaged and leaking nuclear reactors. That's it.

This article Potassium Iodide for Radiation Exposure discusses why taking these pills can help protect against thyroid cancer.


Immune System and Cancer Prevention

When cells are exposed to radioactive by-products from a nuclear accident, the invisible gamma rays emitted by decaying radioactive substances passes through the cells in your body.

When this happens, DNA, the generic material in each cell, can be damaged. Depending on the amount and location of the damage, either the cells die or that they can start to reproduce completely out of control (become cancerous).

Your body has excellent mechanisms to detect and repair many (if not most) of these "defective" genetic code. But when the damage is significant (like what would happen with massive radiation exposure), it may not be possible.

The second line of defense is your immune system. Your immune system not only protects you against germs like bacteria, fungus and viruses, it is also designed to destroy cancerous cells as well.

Ensure that the immune system is operating at optimum levels by taking a healthy approach to your lifestyle (e.g. physically active and quitting smoking) and a good diet (e.g. more fruits and vegetables).

Globally, we are not winning the fight against cancer like breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. Any most of these forms of cancer are not caused by radiation exposure.


Bottom Line?

There is a real threat to the health of those people who are in Japan and neighboring countries. Taking potassium iodide for radiation exposure to radioactive iodine offer significant protection against thyroid cancer only.

Your immune system is left to take care of the other types of cancer caused by radiation exposure.

Experts all agree that people living farther away and especially on the other side of the globe do not have much to worry about.

The truth is that many more people die from forms of cancer not caused by radiation exposure. Focusing your efforts on protecting yourself and your family against these common forms of cancer should be much higher priority.

See the article Natural Remedies for Cancer for a list of suggested natural supplements and herbs that are used in cancer prevention and treatment.

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