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Drinking Coffee or Tea May Prevent Diabetes

December 18, 2009

coffee cup beansHow can you prevent diabetes easily? Drink coffee or tea!

Past studies made a surprising discovery that drinking coffee or tea can help prevent you from developing diabetes. Now, a much larger, more comprehensive review involving about 458,000 people showed the same results.

The researchers looked at all the studies done on drinking coffee or tea and diabetes risks. There were 18 studies they found. By reviewing the studies and analyzing the results, here's what they found:
  • Each cup of coffee daily reduces diabetes risk by 7%
  • More than three cups of decaf coffee reduces the risk by 36%
  • More than three cups of tea reduces the risk by 18%
They believe helpful chemicals such as antioxidants, magnesium and estrogen-like substances found in these drinks may give them the power to reduce the risk of getting diabetes. It wasn't the caffeine that was responsible for the health benefits as even decaf coffee worked.

The authors caution that this study reviewed all existing published papers; it is not a clinical study. Nevertheless, the results are quite significant and hard to deny.

natural remedies recommendations

Drink coffee or tea. Even decaffeinated versions had the same benefits.

If you find that the drinks are not pleasant tasting without adding sugar, consider the natural sugar substitute stevia. It has no calories and is approved by FDA. It may be better than using artificial sweetener such as Splenda, Equal, Sweet One, NutraSweet, Sugar Twin or Sweet'N Low.

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