Pycnogenol for Erectile Dysfunction - Does It Really Work?

On using Pycnogenol for erectile dysfunction

You don't normally find quality research studies done on natural remedies designed to treat impotence. In this case, there are several done on Pycnogenol and Prelox.

The product Prelox combines Pycnogenol with L-arginine, two ingredients shown to be helpful in treating mild to moderate erectile dysfunction (ED).

L-arginine is used by the body to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide a substance needed to increase blood flow to the penile tissues to create an erection. And Pycnogenol is shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) production.

This is why this combination is believed to work for impotence. But are there any clinical studies to show this benefit? Yes indeed.

Read on to find out what experts have discovered about the effectiveness of Pycnogenol...

Research Studies on Using Pycnogenol for Erectile Dysfunction

We will discuss three clinical studies that show the effectiveness of L-arginine in combination with Pycnogenol for ED treatment.

Study #1

pycnogenol study 1 image

This is a well-designed clinical trial involving Japanese men who suffer from mild to moderate ED. They were either given Pycnogenol and L-arginine or a look-alike placebo pill for 8 weeks.

The researchers measured their improvements in erection using the standard International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5).

The results? There were noticeable improvements in the IIEF scores along with increase in penile hardness of erection. Those taking Pycnogenol with L-arginine also reported greater sexual satisfaction than those taking the placebo.

Moreover, there were no reports of any side effects. The authors concluded that this combination is effective for treating mild to moderate ED in men.

Study #2

pycnogenol for ed study 2 image

This second study involved 40 men between the ages of 25 to 45 years old who suffer from organic erectile dysfunction (ED not caused by psychological factors). This study lasted 3 months.

On the first month, volunteers took L-arginine alone (1.7 grams). Only 5% of the volunteers reported improvements in sexual function.

On the second month, they took L-arginine (1.7 grams) with Pycnogenol (40 mg) twice daily. Approximately 80% of the men reported that their erections were restored to normal.

On the third month, they took L-arginine (1.7 grams) with Pycnogenol (40 mg) three times daily. Approximately 92% of the men reported that their erectile dysfunction was reversed.

Again, as with the first study, none of the men reported any significant side effects over the three months period.

Study #3

pycnogenol ed study 3 image

This is yet another well-designed clinical study showing that combining Pycnogenol with L-arginine can be effective for treating ED in men.

This study lasting 6 months recruited 124 men who suffered from moderate erectile dysfunction. Again, the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) was used to accurately measure impotence and sexual functions.

Improvements were seen just 3 months of treatment and continued for the entire 6 months. There also seem to be greater improvements when Prelox was taken for longer periods of time.

Moreover, Prelox increase testosterone levels significantly compared with those who took the placebo (sugar pill).

As with the other two studies, no subjects reported any side effects.

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Bottom Line

Should I consider using Pycnogenol for erectile dysfunction?

Yes indeed and science backs up this health benefit claim.

Clinical study shows that it works well, especially when combined with L-arginine. It's good to know that there are such studies done.

This way, you know that it really helps and it is not just a myth.

Prelox is the brand used in the research studies.

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