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Pycnogenol for Melasma - Does It Work?

Does using pycnogenol for melasma help?

pycnogenol for melasmaPycnogenol (a proprietary formulation made from French maritime pine, Pinus pinaster) is shown in lab studies to be a more potent antioxidant than either vitamin C or vitamin E.

Clinical studies have shown that it protects against UV radiation from sun exposure.

Because of these benefits, many have wondered if it can help treat melasma (a common skin hyperpigmentation condition) that commonly afflicts women on sun-exposed skin areas.

Let's look at one clinical trial...


Clinical Studies on using pycnogenol for melasma

We have included the reference for your interest:

Treatment of melasma with Pycnogenol.
Ni Z, Mu Y, Gulati O.
Phytother Res. 2002 Sep;16(6):567-71.

This is a small study involving 30 women who suffer from melasma. The researchers measured the melasma area index, intensity of the pigmentation and collected blood and urine samples (to check for safety and toxicity).

After the end of the 30 day clinical trial, the researchers found that the average area of skin affected by melasma went down by about 26 mm squared.

Moreover, the intensity of the pigmentation went down by 0.47 units.

Overall, 80% of the women who participated in this investigation showed improvements.

Some surprising findings, indirectly related to melasma, are that the women reported reduced fatigue, anxiety, body aches and constipation.

The conclusion from the author is that Pycnogenol is effective and safe for use in treating melasma in women.


Recommendations - What dose to use

Take 25 mg three times daily for at least 30 days. Several more months may be required before acceptable results can be seen.

Higher dose may be safely used but consult a qualified healthcare provider experienced in treating melasma using natural remedies.


Tip - Consider taking close-up photo with a digital camera of the melasma that are most annoying. Place a ruler beside the area so you can judge the size of it later on.

Do this for several months at monthly intervals. Then get someone else to evaluate the pictures. (Of course, don't tell them which one was the before and after!)

If several people can arrange the images from best to worst correctly, you can be sure that Pycnogenol works.

Consider this as a clinical study on the most important volunteer, YOURSELF!


Recommended Pycnogenol supplement

Life Extension is a global leader on health, wellness and nutritional supplements. They offer a high-potency formula of Pycnogenol.

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Bottom line

Thinking of using Pycnogenol for melasma?

It could be worth taking for several months to reduce the appearance of melasma.

It is often difficult to treat melsama. We don't expect them to go away. But any supplement shown to be effective in reducing their appearance is worth considering.


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