Are there any effective home and natural remedies for indigestion?

You can expect safe and good relief from indigestion by taking natural remedies.  One advantage of taking herbal remedies is that there few side effects. Moreover, they can be purchased at a reasonable price. Consider trying natural solution first before trying over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Here is the list of commonly used herbs useful in treating indigestion.

Herbs What It Treats




Slippery elm




Caraway oil 



Aloe vera gel
Relief from belching and gas

Provides relief from gas and stomach spasm. It has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Treats belching and irritation of the stomach

Good for digestive problems caused by stress

Helpful in soothing your stomach. 

Gives relief from spasms and flatulence

Provide good relief from gas discomfort

Good choice for gas, bloating, or cramping

Helpful when suffering from feelings of fullness on your stomach

Useful for gas discomfort and stomach spasm

Helps with bloating and flatulence due to eating fatty meals. It can be helpful in improving appetite, reducing flatulence and heartburn.
Taking this herb can soothe stomach pain

More Natural Tips

Also be aware of food choices and other causes of indigestion. It is also important to reduce stress and any pressure placed on your stomach. Avoid wearing tight fitting pants or belts.

Always consult your healthcare profession if the condition persists or gets worst. This will ensure a proper diagnosis first to eliminate other more serious problems.