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Removing Skin Tags 

Removing skin tags (acrochordon) using natural home remedies

We have created a comprehensive list of natural and home remedies that have been suggested for getting rid of skin tags (acrochordon).

There are very little risk and virtually no dangerous side effects that can be expected from using natural remedies for removing skin tags. This is one of the reason why many people would like to use natural remedies.

However, the surgical method (see below) or the "freezing" method is probably one of the most effective ways of removing skin tags. Continue reading to find out.

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Natural Remedy What experts say about them
Garlic Anecdotal reports suggest that applying garlic oil to the skin tags may cause it to be killed and fall off.
Garlic clove Anecdotal reports suggest using a slice of garlic taped over the skin tag area. Place it on in the morning and remove before going to bed.

Repeat this procedure for up to three days (but not any longer as it can be irritating). You may expect the skin tags to fall off on its own.

Side Effects - Local irritation and burning sensation at the area where the garlic clove is applied.
Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil has been used to remove warts. It can be applied to the skin tag in the same way as garlic oil.

Side Effects - You can expect some burning sensation or discomfort.
Castor Oil Combine castor oil with baking soda until you get a paste. Apply this paste to the skin tags three times daily for up to three weeks. The skin tag should fall off on its own.
(Sanguinaria canadensis)
Bloodroot is promoted to remove skin tags as it can irritate the skin and cause the skin tag to eventually fall off.
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Can you tie off the skin tag with a string to cut off circulation to it?

Cutting off blood circulation to the skin tag by tying a string will cause the skin tag to die and fall off. One clinical study treated 177 skin tags using a flat adhesive patch that puts pressure to the base of the skin tag.

The researchers discovered that the effectiveness of removing skin tag using this method was directly related to cutting off the blood flow to the skin tag.

The cure rate was 90% for skin tags with less than 1 mm at the base and 76% for a 2 mm base skin tags. This is to be expected. The larger the skin tag, the more difficult it is to get rid of it.

What about using a scissor or knife to cut them off?

removing skin tags with scissorsIf you were to ask a healthcare professional, they would discourage you from attempting this technique at home. There are good reasons.

But we have provided a very detailed outline of the exact procedure that you can use. Why? Because many people will try it anyways!

So rather than leaving you in the dark and guessing, we would rather give you all the steps for cutting off skin tags.

What about using cryosurgery to burn off skin tags?

Cryosurgery (freezing method) is a method we do recommend you try. Cryosurgery is very often used to remove warts ("burning off the warts" as some would call it).

It is effective. However, it may leave minor scar marks if used improperly. Follow the directions provide by the manufacturer carefully to ensure success. One advantage of burning off skin tags is that there is practically no risk of infection.

If possible, especially when you have more than one that you wish to remove, start with the one that are hidden from view.

Practice on these to see what kind of results you get. Find out how much scarring is left ofter the procedure. If done properly, there should be very little scars. Indeed practice does make perfect.

Concerns about removing skin tags

What are the major concerns and dangers to watch out for when removing skin tags at home? Misdiagnosis, infection and scarring.

Misdiagnosis Risks

It is important that a healthcare professional looks at them to confirm that they are skin tags. Misdiagnosing it as a skin tag when it is some other condition can lead to improper treatment and can potentially be harmful and dangerous.

Infection Risks

There is very little, if any, infection risk with removing skin tags using cryosurgery.

As for cutting of skin tags, infection can be easily prevented if the equipment is sterilized properly and proper procedures are used to keep the area clean.

Read our detailed article on Cutting Off Skin Tags first before you attempt this!

Scarring Risks

Scarring is the main concern. If done incorrectly, you can leave scar marks in place of where the skin tags are.

However, these scar marks are generally small. The smaller the skin tags, the less visible the scars.

If the possibility of leftover scar marks are not a major concern (especially if the skin tags are not visible to others) the brave may wish to attempt this.

Summary - The bottom line

There's no good research done to show that any natural remedies works for removing skin tags. Anecdotal evidence suggests that they work in some people depending on the size of the skin tag. Fortunately, they do not present any risks and are safe to try.

Cryosurgery is the recommended "home remedy" treatment. It is low-cost, low risk and effective.

The use of knives, scissors or nail clippers at home to get rid of skin tags is possible and is not considered to be very risky.

We outline procedure in the article Cutting Off Skin Tags because we know some people will try this at home and we feel that you are better off getting more information than to be left guessing what to do.

Removing skin tags at home is not as difficult as it seems once you have all the information to work with.

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