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Saw Palmetto for Baldness - Does It Really Work?

Thinking of using saw palmetto for baldness?

saw palmetto for baldnessMale pattern baldness is a genetic condition that affects men mostly although it is known to also affect women. The usual pattern of hair loss is that the hairline recedes in a horseshoe pattern. Often, what is left is hair on the sides and back of the head; the hair in these areas are unaffected.

In our full review Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto, you will find a discussion on all the health benefits of this herb along with recommended dose and side effects to watch out for.

Read on to find out how saw palmetto works to treat hair loss...

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Research Studies for Saw Palmetto for Baldness Treatment

Prescription medication like Propecia works by blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Non-prescription medication includes a chemical called minoxidil that is applied to the scalp to promote hair growth.

Both hair loss and prostate problems are related to excessive amount of DHT levels. And both saw palmetto and Propecia block DHT production.

In one small study involving 19 men who suffer from mild to moderate hair loss, they were given either 400 mg of saw palmetto with 100 mg of beta-sitosterol daily or placebo (sugar pill).

At the end of five months, the length of the research study, 60% of the men taking the herbal supplement showed improved hair growth compared to only 11% taking the placebo.

This is a very small study indeed but this promising result will fuel further studies to discover the effectiveness of saw palmetto as a natural herb for hair loss treatment.

Bottom Line?

You will find that many combination products for treating hair loss such as Provillus will include saw palmetto as one of the key ingredients in their formulations.

Although clinical studies are small, the way this herb works to treat hair loss is very similar to how prescription medications like Propecia work. The typical dose is 320 mg taken daily.

Don't expect the results immediately. The clinical trials took five months to show some improvement in hair growth. For some people, it might take longer.

The Best Remedy for Hair Loss in Men and Women?

Provillus might just be the best remedy for hair loss. There are two specific formulation for men and women. It uses all natural remedies along with an FDA approved ingredient for promoting hair growth and reversing hair loss.

It comes with high recommendations from men and women who are currently using it to promote hair growth.


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Created: January 16, 2011

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