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Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss? What's the Truth?

Saw palmetto for hair loss - Introduction 

On the internet, you'll find many companies promoting saw palmetto products to help you grow all your hair back. According to them, taking the pills will instantly give you all your hair back like never before.

Hype or truth? Let's look into this claim further and see what the science is behind this.

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss? Is it not for prostate problems?

Today, saw palmetto is a herb commonly used to treat an enlarged prostate. It is shown in many studies to help improve the symptoms of urinary problems found in men suffering from an enlarged prostate gland.

Indeed, this herb is widely used in Germany and France for treating prostate problems.

Understanding the chemistry behind how saw palmetto helps with an enlarged prostate had experts speculating that it may also help with male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia).

The science behind the herb saw palmetto

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of the key male hormones that is involved in male hair loss in those with a genetic risk for it.

In certain men, excessive production of DHT causes the hair to become thinner and shorter. DHT also seems to put the hair follicle into the "resting" phase.

This condition is progressive and if it is not stopped or slowed down, it leads to permanent baldness. Male pattern baldness typically starts with hair loss at the forehead or at the top of the head nearer to the back.

DHT is known to block the production of DHT and this will slow down hair loss in men suffering from male pattern baldness.

Bottom Line

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Saw palmetto does seem to work for hair loss in male suffering from male pattern baldness. One small well-designed clinical study proves this.

This is both based on research and the chemistry behind how this herb is known to work.

More studies need to be done to provide better confirmation but our editors are confident that this herb has enough evidence to warrant its use in treating hair loss.

The popular product Provillus contains saw palmetto, biotin, vitamin B6, zinc and several other herbs that can be helpful in treating hair loss.

The Best Remedy for Hair Loss in Men and Women?

Provillus might just be the best remedy for hair loss. There are two specific formulation for men and women. It uses all natural remedies along with an FDA approved ingredient for promoting hair growth and reversing hair loss.

It comes with high recommendations from men and women who are currently using it to promote hair growth.

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