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Selenium Prevents Diabetes in Men

March 23, 2010
Taking selenium prevents diabetes? - There is new evidence that having higher levels of selenium decreases the risk of developing blood sugar imbalances. This will ultimately reduce the chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

The study completed in France followed 1,162 older adults between the age of 59 to 71 over a nine year period. The results showed that higher selenium levels had a positive health benefit in reducing diabetes risk in males (but not in females).

It is believed that selenium has an insulin-like effects and antioxidant benefits. These two factors may explain the protection offered by selenium against diabetes.

As well, selenium is known to be useful in the prevention of prostate cancer, other forms of cancer and for improving sperm quality to help treat infertility in men.

Get the full review on selenium including side effects and recommended dosage.

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