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Serrapeptase and Scar Tissue - Does It Work?

Serrapeptase and scar tissue - Could this enzyme be the answer?

Serrapeptase is extensively used in European and Asian countries for several decades.

It is a proteolytic (protein) enzyme that is used to treat inflammation, pain, cancer, circulation disorders, lung problems and to support the immune system. (For more info, see full review Health Benefits of Serrapeptase.)

Dr. Hans Nieper (1928–1998) in Germany has conducted many clinical studies to show that serrapeptase is able to dissolve blood clots and remove plaques deposited in the arteries.

Clinical studies show that it is effective for treating dental pains. Indeed, most of the published clinical studies focused on using serrapeptase for pain control.

Anecdotal reports suggest that serrapeptase could be effectively used to remove scar tissues.

Unfortunately, there are no clinical studies to show that serrapeptase could remove scar tissues on the surface of the skin.

Based on how serrapeptase works, experts believe that it could dissolve dead scar tissues, allowing living tissues to take its place.

Clinical study on yourself

It is an excellent idea to track the progress of the improvement seen with using serrapeptase for removing scar tissues.

Use a digital camera to take close-up pictures of the areas with the scar tissue before taking serrapeptase supplements. Then take additional images every month so that you can compare the results.

Why? It can be difficult to see gradual changes. Moreover, you can show the images to a third-party and ask him or her to compare the before and after results. (This is like doing a clinical study, but just on yourself!)

If the third-party cannot tell the difference between the before and after image even after many months of taking serrapeptase, then it did not work for you.


Bottom line

Thinking of using serrapeptase for scars?

It is unknown that serrapeptase would remove scar tissues on the skin. You could try it for several months to see if it reduces the appearance of scars.

Most recently, Revitol Scar Cream received extensive attention as the premiere scar scream for getting rid of the unsightly appearance of ugly acne scars.

It is a professionally formulated scar cream that has received high praises from those who are using it.

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