Benefits of Serrapeptase

Taking serrapeptase benefits which health problems?

The Japanese, Germans and Europeans have been using this powerful digestive enzyme for decades to treat a variety of health conditions.

This enzyme is produced in the intestines of silk worms to break down their cocoon walls.

It shows strong anti-inflammatory effects similar to prescription NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) but without all the side effects or dangers.

Because of serrapeptase's low risk of side effects, it is suggested as an excellent natural alternative to prescription and non-prescription medications for treating swelling and pain from arthritis pain.

But this versatile enzyme does more than give relief to arthritis pain. Below are quick discussions of all the reported health benefits of using this proteolytic enzyme.

Scientific Studies for Health Benefits of Serrapeptase

Anti-inflammatory Benefits

One of serrapeptase profound effects is its ability to shut down the inflammatory processes in the body.

Inflammation is the body's natural reaction to injury and many disease states.

Inflammation is implicated in disease such as arthritis, fatty deposits in the blood vessels, allergies, colitis, Chron's disease and even Alzheimer's disease.

The Germans and Europeans routinely use this enzyme after operations to reduce pain and swelling.

In one German study, volunteers who took serrapeptase had a 50% reduction in swelling and became pain-free much more quickly than the volunteers who took placebo (sugar) pills.

Sinus(sinusitis), Ears, Nose and Throat

There are several studies to show that serrapeptase can reduce symptoms related to the ears, nose and throat problems. It has been reported to give relief in as little as 4 days. This enzyme is also commonly used to prevent chronic ear infections.

There is one account of a person being cured of snoring by simply taking this proteolytic enzyme. All these health benefits to the ears, nose and throat problems are mainly due to this enzyme's potent anti-inflammatory effects.

Pain, Swelling, Headaches and Arthritis

Serrapeptase is well known for its ability to reduce pain and swelling from dental procedures, arthritis conditions and headaches.

Indeed, clinical studies show that this digestive enzyme can be as effective as some of the over-the-counter and prescription drugs for controlling pain and inflammation.

Clogged Arteries and Poor circulation

Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) results when excessive fats are deposited on the inside of blood vessels. This eventually blocks off the flow of blood.

If this occurs in the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart, it leads to a heart attack.

There is some evidence that serrapeptase may be able to break down fatty plaque deposits in blood vessels, the main cause of heart attacks.

Dr. Hans Nieper, a doctor working Germany had been studying the effects of serrapeptase on breaking down these deposits.

More studies will be needed to verify exactly how effective this protein digesting enzyme is for reversing the plaque build-up. As well, nattokinase is commonly combined with serrapeptase for an even greater benefit.

Fibroids and Fibro-Cystic Breast Disease

Because this proteolytic enzyme breaks down proteins and tissues, there is great interest in using it for dissolving fibroids.

Some people have claimed that taking this proteolytic enzyme reduced the size of their fibroids.

Serrapeptase may help to dissolve fibroids. However, clinical studies will need to be done to verify this claim.

Dosage of serrapeptase and other digestive enzymes

You are better served by reviewing the report on Recommended Serrapeptase Dosage since it is comprehensive. The dosage varies depending on what the intended use is.

Nattokinase is another similar digestive enzyme to consider if you are interested in the health benefits of serrapeptase.