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Serrapeptase Dose - What is a Safe Dosage to Use? Serrapeptase Dose - What is a Safe Dosage to Use?

Serrapeptase Dose - What is a Safe Dosage to Use?

by William

There is quite a huge range in the serrapeptase dose. I've seen supplements that goes up to 80,000 IU as a single pill form.

I'm planning to use it for the health benefits of reducing inflammation and for the general health to my body. What's your recommendation on a suitable dose to use?

Clinical studies done with this proteolytic enzyme used 5 mg to 10 mg three times daily. Fortunately, there are very few reported side effects from using this popular digestive enzyme.

Serrapeptase experts such as Dr. Sahelian and Dr. Nieper suggest not using more than 200 mg (20,000 IU) daily.

Higher dose may be used if you are supervised by a healthcare professional experienced with using serrapeptase.

Stick with enteric-coated tablets or capsules to ensure that the stomach acid does not destroy the enzyme.

See Serrapeptase Dosage to get the FULL details on the recommended dose to use.

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