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Serrapeptase for Cancer - Does It Really Help?

Discover if there are any scientific evidence for using serrapeptase for cancer treatment

Proteolytic enzymes like serrapeptase (serratiopeptidase) and nattokinase are extensively used in Germany and Japan for treating a wide variety of ailments.

Some experts believe that these enzymes may play an important role in the treatment of cancer.

Read on to find out if serrapeptase might be helpful in treating cancer...

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Research studies on using serrapeptase for cancer treatment

Despite its extensive and widespread use, there has not been much clinical studies done specifically on using serrapeptase for cancer treatment or prevention. This does not mean that it doesn't work. It simply means that we do not know for certain.

However, the two studies discussed below are suggestive that serrapeptase could be helpful in treating cancer.


Study #1

Induction of tumor necrosis factor in human peripheral-blood mononuclear cells by proteolytic enzymes.
Desser L, Rehberger A.
Oncology. 1990;47(6):475-7.

In this study, the authors reveals that proteolytic enzymes like serrapeptase and others can stimulate the body to produce tumor necrosis factor (TNF).

TNF plays a major role in the regulation of the immune cells. TNF is shown to kill cancer cells and to stop viruses from reproducing.

Experts suspect that the lack of sufficient TNF production may be responsible for a wide variety of disease such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease and major depression.


Study #2

Augmentation by serrapeptase of tissue permeation by cefotiam].
Koyama A, Mori J, Tokuda H, Waku M, Anno H, Katayama T, Murakami K, Komatsu H, Hirata M, Arai T, et al.
Jpn J Antibiot. 1986 Mar;39(3):761-71.

A study done out of Japan confirms that using serrapeptase does improve penetration of antibiotics into the lung tissue. This resulted in the antibiotics performing much better than if it was taken just by itself.

As such, it is possible that taking serrapeptase can help anti-cancer drugs penetrate deeper into the cancerous tissues. By doing so, a much lower dose of the drug can be used resulting in less toxicity and side effects for the patient.


Recommended dose of serrapeptase

It is not possible to suggest what is an appropriate dose to use for cancer treatment as no one really knows.

See the article Serrapeptase Dosage for complete information and dosing information for other uses.

Needless to say, the treatment of cancer is complex and requires continuous monitoring. Seek a health care professional qualified in holistic cancer treatment.

Bottom Line?

There are no clear clinical study that show direct benefits of using serrapeptase for cancer treatment.

The two studies discussed above are suggestive that serrapeptase might improve the immune cells and increase the the effectiveness of conventional chemotherapy medications.

There are many other natural remedies that are commonly used to prevent and treat various cancer conditions. The article Natural Remedies for Cancer reveals them all.

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