Low Sex Drive and Libido

What is libido?

Libido is another term for sex drive.

Under normal circumstances, situations that would normally arouse sexual desire would not stimulate those with low libido.

This condition can affect men and women of all ages.

This can happen throughout the person's life or it could happen during mid-life.

This condition can even affect a person who has enjoyed sexual activity in the past.

It may also be a temporary condition caused by many factors (such as menopause, stress and using antidepressant medications.) It is known that as a person age, sex drive will decrease.

The report Causes of Low Sex Drive discuss many causes in extensive details.

And we have created a list of natural remedies for treating libido issues as well.

Some will suffer more so than others as it is affected by the levels of testosterone. Testosterone level in both men and women is a major factor responsible for creating the sexual drive.

Low or lack of sexual desire for the other partner (whether it is the wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend) can cause strains in relationship and marital problems.

This is especially a problem when there is infrequent sexual intercourse.

A man or women may continue to participate in lovemaking just to satisfy the other partner. This is different than erectile dysfunction (ED) also known as impotence. A man with low libido can be sexually stimulated to have an erection and be able to achieve orgasm.

For men with low libido, they will think less about wanting to have sexual intercourse and daydream less about sexual fantasies.

The report Natural Remedies for Sex Drive provides a detailed list of supplements that people use to boost sexual desire. It is worth your time to find out what natural remedies work.

General Symptoms of Low Sex Drive

This is a quick list for you to find out if you suffer from low libido.

Lack of interest in sexual intercourse or other sexual activities

Unable to be aroused

Reduced ability to achieve an erection

Inability to maintain an erection strong enough for sexual intercourse

Lack of orgasm or delayed orgasm

Reduced vaginal secretion or lubrication production (due to conditions like menopause or hysterectomy)

Bottom Line

If I have low sex drive, what can I do?

There are many steps you can take. First, review some of the most common causes of reduced libido.

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor to find out if any prescription medications that you take may contribute to reduced sexual desire.

For example, many blood pressure drugs and antidepressants are known to dampen sexual desire.

You may need to find out if you suffer from low testosterone levels. A blood test can be requested by your doctor to see if this the case.

Perhaps you suffer from mild erectile dysfunction and experience psychological stress that you are not able to engage in sexual activity?

This may reduce your desire to engage in sexual activities.

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