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Skin Tag Home Removal Techniques

Looking for all the skin tag home removal techniques that can be used?

Skin tags are harmless but they can be unsightly and get irritated when rubbed against clothing or skin.

Since it is a cosmetic problem in nature, most medical plans do not cover surgical procedures for removing skin tags.

This is one of the major reasons why people wonder if it is possible to remove these skin tags in the comfort of their own home. After all, it doesn't really look THAT hard, does it?

The answer is that it is not that hard. Of course, it would depend on how many you have and how large they are.

Our set of articles Skin Tag Removal at Home will give you all the details.

Below is a list of simple surgical and non-surgical methods that you can try at home.

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Dental Floss or Thread

Use a piece of dental floss or thread (preferred) to tie off the base of the skin tag. This will cut off circulation and it will eventually fall off as the tissue dies.

This method is more effective for small skin tags (less than 2 mm at the base of the skin tag). Some users have reported some discomfort or pain from using this technique. There is no risk of infection using this technique

Scissor / Nail Cutter

You can use a properly cleaned sharp scissor or nail cutter to cut the skin tag off at the base. Some bleeding may occur along with some minor pain or discomfort. Have gauze and bandages ready.

This is a home surgical technique that not everyone is willing to try! Why? Because it can be painful and bleeding can be expected!

See Cutting Off Skin Tags for step by step instructions and full details.

Cryosurgery or the Freezing Method

Using very low temperature, the freezing method kills off the skin tag by causing a frost bite. Kits are available at your local pharmacy that allows for skin tag removal at home.

Many users have reported some pain or discomfort during the treatment procedure. There is very little risk of infection using this technique. This is one of the advantages of this method of getting rid of skin tags.
Natural Remedies

There are many herbs such as garlic and tea tree oil that have been used successfully in some people.

In the article Natural Remedies for Removing Skin Tags, you can discover all the herbs and remedies that have been suggested by many people.

Bottom Line

These home methods of skin tag removal are safe to try. The two main concerns would be the risk of infection and possible scars.

The scars may not be very important if they are in areas that cannot be seen. The risk of infection can be reduced dramatically by using sterilized or disinfected tools and following proper techniques.

See our set of articles on Skin Tag Removal at Home for additional information on natural remedies and home surgical techniques you can try.
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