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So you want to design a website like ours...


Sure, everyone knows you can get free WordPress themes. Free is not necessarily bad. But when it comes to designing and managing a site, Socrates is one of the best software around for complete control of your WordPress website.


I'll cut to the chase. There are reasons why over 42,000 website are build with Socrates WordPress Theme

It's not about just the look-and-feel. It's about running your business.

Nothing makes running a business more difficult than using software that doesn't work or get the job done fast.

That's where Socrates comes in. It's not just a theme, it's a complete Content Management System (CMS) complete with search engine optimization built in.


I have tried this system and it works

Look, I'm using it to design all my future website. (This website was designed with some other software that is good. But for those intending to dominate the web with multiple websites, it can get costly.)

I won't recommend something that I won't use myself.


If you have been using free themes, you are missing out on features that makes your life easy.

And with a 60 days 100% money-back guarantee, you are fully protected. They also have a 30 days trial (but go for the full package instead since you are fully guaranteed).


Bottom Line?

This program is NOT for everyone, mind you. If all you want is free, then so be it. Use free themes. But you are an intelligent person. If you are serious about "making money on-line" you need to get serious about the type of software you use to control your website (aka your business).

With the 60 days money-back guarantee, really don't have anything to lose...and a lot of money you could have made!


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PS. Why wait? You got a 60 days money-back guarantee anyways to protect you.


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