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Stomach Bloating Natural Remedies that Work

What are some effective stomach bloating natural remedies that work?

When you experience excessive gas in your stomach, it can cause quite a bit of discomfort. Before reaching for non-prescription or prescription medications, there are many natural remedies that can help treating this annoying problem.

Below is a short list of the top four natural remedies that have been traditionally used to give you relief from stomach pain, gas and discomfort.

It is worth giving it a try to see if they help.


#1 Peppermint

Of all the natural remedies for stomach pain and discomfort, peppermint oil would rank as the number one herb to use. It is shown to be effective in studies and can go a long way in eliminating stomach bloating and gas pains.

#2 Fennel

Between peppermint oil and fennel, these two herbs are often combined to get rid of stomach complaints including excessive gas productions (flatulence). Combine fennel with peppermint. It's much more effective when combined.

#3 Turmeric

This spice contains an active chemical called curcumin. It's what gives this spice the bright yellow colour.

In additional to having anti-inflammatory benefits for treating arthritis, it also seems to have a protective effect on the stomach. This benefit might explain why it works for stomach bloating and gas.

#4 Chamomile

What is chamomile often used for? To induce sleep and help a person relax. Perhaps that's why it explains why it can be used to treat stomach pain and bloating. There is even a study done in children to show that it can help relieve colic.

Try one or more of the herbs recommended above first to see if they help cure the stomach bloating problem. If the condition is severe, always see your family doctor who then can follow-up and check to see if there are other causes.

What are some other herbs that work for stomach problems?

See the detailed review on Stomach Bloating to get a complete list of herbs that works along with proper dose to use.

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