Stroke - Potassium Rich Foods Reduces Risk by 19 Percent

May 23, 2010

When the blood flow in the brain is interrupted due to bleeding out or blockage, it is called a stroke. Potassium rich foods seem to the risk of this happening by 19 percent, a new analysis shows.

When a person gets stroke, many of them become partially paralyzed or suffer from speech difficulties. Some people may recover fully while others are left with permanent disabilities.

Two recent studies strongly show the link that consuming raw fruits and vegetables cut that risk down between 19 to 36% depending on how much potassium rich foods a person eats.

How much to eat? Eating 262 grams per day of raw fruits and vegetables reduced the risk by 36% compared to only eating 92 grams daily. Which foods are rich in potassium? Consider bananas, prune juice, dried beans, soybeans, avocados and plain non-fat yogurt.

Bottom Line

Eating raw and not processed potassium rich foods. The importance is eating raw unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Don't like eating fruits and vegetables? Juicing and drinking freshly squeezed fruits and vegetable juice is the next best option.

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